Run Orlando

So half marathon number 8 has been completed. I have my 3rd OUC Half marathon under my belt. I had not been well enough to train so I wasn’t expecting much out of this race. Boy I was wrong… I usually have a pre-race routine the night before a race. I will lay out my gear, and everything I will need for the race. The morning of, … Continue reading Run Orlando

National Running Day 2015

HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!! So glad that started this in 2009. Finally, a day where runners from across the world can celebrate running. We all enjoy running and feel very proud to be a runner right? So why not give us a day where we can officially drive all the non runners crazy!?!? There are TONS of giveaways going on just for today, especially ASICS shoes giveaway on … Continue reading National Running Day 2015

Saying farewell to the year that I will NEVER forget

  2013 will be a year that I will never forget. So many great, sad, emotional events happened this year. I started 2013 off by running my first half marathon in honor of something that is so close and dear to my heart….ANIMALS. I still remember race day like it was yesterday, so nervous!!! I could barely sleep the night before, at the start line … Continue reading Saying farewell to the year that I will NEVER forget