National Running Day 2015

HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!! So glad that started this in 2009. Finally, a day where runners from across the world can celebrate running. We all enjoy running and feel very proud to be a runner right? So why not give us a day where we can officially drive all the non runners crazy!?!?


There are TONS of giveaways going on just for today, especially ASICS shoes giveaway on twitter. I know a few others have stuff going on too so keep an eye out on your favorites. So now it’s time to log off and go run. Enjoy National Running Day! Go out with family, friends, or on your own, and don’t forget to post your photos. I always enjoy seeing you all happy and doing what you love.




There are many reasons why I run but the main reason being, to prove to myself that I AM strong enough to do it. But I also run for cupcakes and so much more!


Here are some fun running photos which are one of the reason I run:

10846175_10154929221610501_6241380992355116286_n 10K (19) 2014 marathon (2) 1463174_10153615733115501_956340444_n everest 5k (17) tower of terror race weekend (87) watermelon 5K (10)

20141108_201031 20150110_033806 IMG_130990501088198

Now lace up those shoes and get some sweaty miles in!

Happy Running!




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