Medals. Medals. Medals!

We run, we race, we finish and get we get a finisher t-shirt. At times we get a medal. I know that it’s a 50/50 as to what runners prefer to receive as a finish perk. Because a t-shirt can be worn time and time again, while a medal is just stuffed into a drawer and takes up space. But for some, a medal is … Continue reading Medals. Medals. Medals!

The Scoliosis Runner

Doing races is so exciting! I love everything that comes with it. From the butterflies in my stomach, to getting tired in the race, to crossing the finish line. So many things come along with deciding to race! I almost always post on instagram and twitter each time I run. Many of my personal friends on FB get tired or annoyed that I post it every single time. But … Continue reading The Scoliosis Runner