Medals. Medals. Medals!

We run, we race, we finish and get we get a finisher t-shirt. At times we get a medal. I know that it’s a 50/50 as to what runners prefer to receive as a finish perk. Because a t-shirt can be worn time and time again, while a medal is just stuffed into a drawer and takes up space.

But for some, a medal is a sense of achievement and rather display them and the t-shirts end up in the back of the closet somewhere or donated. For me personally, they are definitely medals I am proud of and I want to display them! As you know, running doesn’t come easy to me, so each race I can complete is a goal reached. And I am proud of myself when I can hang a new medal on my wall.

Lot’s of runners have just hung a curtain rod on the wall and hung the medals, or just push pinned them onto the wall. But what happens when the rod doesn’t hold anymore? Because obviously they aren’t meant to hold those medals. You know how heavy they get when you have them all together on one rack?!?

There is this company that makes the PERFECT medal hangers for runners that are simply amazing, and beautiful! VICTORY MEDAL HANGERS is who you need to check out! They have a lot of designs already pre-made and the best part is that they can do custom orders too!

They have done so much already, for runners, restaurants, craft beer companies. And they also are at races at times engraving medals too! (check them out on instagram)

But as an honored affiliate, I ordered a custom medal hanger and it came out amazing! I was super impressed with the design and how it came out! Make sure to check them out: Victory Medal Hangers and use my discount code: RunnerUnleashed at check out.

I am a huge, HUGE fan of Star Wars, if ya’ll haven’t noticed LOL. So I obviously requested a Star Wars themed medal hanger. Princess Leia is my FAVORITE character ever, so I themed it around her. Carrie Fisher said a quote that I live by and I just LOVE so I asked to put that on the top of the medal hanger: “Stay afraid but do it anyway.”


It’s such a true quote and it resonated with me since I heard it, that it’s one of my running mantras so obviously it has to be my medal hanger as well. I crossed many tough half and full marathon finish lines due to this quote.

Custom medal hanger from Victory Medal Hangers

I think they did such an amazing job and look how creative they got with it?!?!? I am so in love it and I have 2 other medal hangers and this one is my favorite! It holds such a great meaning and I love that got creative and customized it just how I wanted it! Don’t forget to check them out and use my code: RunnerUnleashed for a discount!

Plenty of room for more medals…now I need to run more races to fill it up! LOL







3 responses to “Medals. Medals. Medals!”

  1. Club of “Runners” Avatar

    Ohmygosh…that is an awesome medal rack!!

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Thank you!!! I love it!

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