Be Belcorva

We all know that I have Scoliosis. I am pretty sure I have made that crookedly clear. My spine has a double curve, the thoracic(middle) is curved at a 39 degree angle. So it is pretty severe. Luckily it isn’t moving much which is great. Just causing extreme pain, on some days worse than others. BUT I manage through it with no pain meds and … Continue reading Be Belcorva

Running Cyber Monday Deals!

I know that people say that running is the cheapest sport, but if you think about it, it really isn’t LOL. You might want to have the shoes, running gear, watch, hat, bra, and injury prevention stuff like KT Tape or Pro Compression socks. So I’ve put together some of my favorites that are having some awesome Cyber Monday Deals! Just click their name and … Continue reading Running Cyber Monday Deals!

All the medals, all the bling

Being a runner, is supposed to be simple right? Just pick a good pair of shoes and a road and you’re done….wrong! Not when you are training for a race! You need more roads, more shoes, fuel and proper time to train. Not to mention all the money to register for all those races you want to run. I mean, in all honesty, the best … Continue reading All the medals, all the bling