ENDURE your journey

We are all on different journeys. Whether its life, running, or trying to make our dreams come true. We are on a mission. I know I am trying to make ALL my dreams come true while trying to survive life at the same time. It does get tough sometimes and we do need a quick reminder here and there that we are strong and we CAN and we WILL make it through.

Endure did that for me. Sunny, who is the woman behind it, got a taste of it in a 3D art class all while running since she was a little kid. She started this amazing company called Endure Jewelry. There are unique pieces from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Especially if you want to commemorate your Boston marathon or runDisney race.

Click HERE to check out the website.

There isn’t anything on their site I don’t like. The jewelry sends out a message of positivity, motivation, and strength. Sunny is very creative with her pieces and people are very touched when they receive them. You can read the messages on the INSTAGRAM and see for yourself.

They also make custom pieces, including a custom piece of you running if you’d like! How cool is that?!?! But she did do an AMAZING piece for me that I can’t even put into words on how incredible it came out.

I LOVE the fact that Endure Jewelry can make custom pieces because lots of people would like to commemorate special moments in their own way. I’ve seen Endure do special pieces for loved ones who have passed away, people who have PR’d a race, and people who just want to treat themselves.

But the piece that Endure Jewelry made for me is beautiful!! It is almost identical to the DREAMS infinity tattoo I have. I have that tattoo because I will forever be a dreamer. I always have been. I have been fighting with physical limitations since I was a kid and will continue to forever. My battle only gets worse but my dreams keep getting bigger. I am reaching them and making them come true and the feeling is amazing!


But this custom necklace that was made also has a special meaning because when my mom was in the hospital, she was having her good and bad days. We would laugh and tell jokes and she would tell me to keep up the good fight and to NEVER STOP CHASING MY DREAMS. She knew how much running the TCS NYC marathon meant to me and I made that dream come true. So she doesn’t want me to stop dreaming and turning them into reality. She later passed away, right after Christmas. So being able to wear this is like having a piece of my mom, a piece of strength when I feel weak, and a sense of direction when I feel lost.


I love the way it came out! Isn’t it a beaut?? Yes I know, I already wrote a blog post going gaga over it, but Endure Jewelry just relaunched their website and they have NEW bling on there and I wanted to share it with you all. Plus they also have these cute running tops, and I want them all. The color combos are so cute! Especially the mint and black one. Those colors go so well together, and the blue! Click HERE to check out the tanks.

Give them a follow, a hello and some love because they work REALLY hard at making people’s lives memorable and changing lives with a simple touch of magic. ❤



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