All the medals, all the bling

Being a runner, is supposed to be simple right? Just pick a good pair of shoes and a road and you’re done….wrong! Not when you are training for a race! You need more roads, more shoes, fuel and proper time to train. Not to mention all the money to register for all those races you want to run.

I mean, in all honesty, the best part of running is the races. At least in my opinion. You spend hours running and training for the big. Put tons of miles on your shoes and then come race day and you get butterflies in your stomach. It’s not nerves but excitement. The thrill of the course and the fun it will have, because YES, running is fun! You toe the start line and while it’s always a thrilling and moving experience, each race has a different journey, good and bad. But it will all be memorable. And the most moving and most rewarding feeling of all, is the finish line. And when they crown you with your finisher medal, it’s a priceless moment of accomplishment.

After the moment is over, you are still proud and beaming over your PR or your BQ or just your overall performance, you clearly want to display your medal right? Some of us have medal racks covering our walls, or some runners have medals tucked away in drawers. But I came across Medal Mode in the previous RunnerBox I received.

I thought this was a pretty unique way to display your medals. Since I have my “dream race” medal completely separate from all my other medals, I immediately hung it on my Medal Mode display.


I like their display hangers because you can A- place your medals on them and put the whole display on your mantle over the fireplace, or in your favorite spot in the family room. And B- you can also hang it on the wall as you would a medal rack holder. I’ve had the opportunity to try out various sizes and I must say, they are pretty amazing. You can display just your favorite or most memorable medals, or stack them up!

Enter a caption

To assemble and wrap the medal ribbon around is pretty simple and easy to do. I like the fact that all the displays have holes in the back to hang it if you’d like, and it has a slit for the ribbon to be tucked in to hold the medal in place. It is a well thought out idea and it makes the medals look nice and make it a great focal point in your house. If you haven’t already, go check them out here.

Run Mommy Run Edition

You can order different sizes with different end caps. They have various colors and designs. It would be PERFECT as a gift to your favorite runner too! Especially when they are tricky to shop for. This would be something special to commemorate a race if you want to show support to your wife, husband, friend. whom ever just rocked a race!

Click here to see more from their collection.


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