Endured for a princess

Some girls grow up and want to be princesses and some girls grow up and want to be bad ass women. But why can’t you be both? That is why women gather from all over the place and join to run runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend. It is a magic course throughout the parks, and a definitely magical moment running through Cinderella’s castle. A moment to remember. This year it’s February 21-24 weekend.


Lots of women train for this very day to set PRs, to reach a new distance goal, or to take on a new dream. Whatever it may be, this race makes women feel like a badass princess. Who doesn’t feel like a strong, fierce, and unstoppable force after taking on 13.1 miles? A half marathon isn’t easy and crossing the finish line of ANY race is one to remember. So why not commemorate it?!? Make it extra special! Create your own princess ring with your own jewels and your own distance.

Click HERE for more info and to see the options.

With Endure Jewelry you have the option now to design your own beautiful princess ring with your desired distance, your preferred jewels and your chosen material. They come out looking so beautiful and will make you so happy. It will also make a great surprise for your spouse, girlfriend, sister, mom, aunt, whoever is doing something big and you want to show them how proud of them you are. This ring is something they will cherish forever and even more so knowing it’s coming from YOU.

Click HERE to go to Endure Jewelry

There isn’t many pieces of running jewelry that is worthy, as beautiful or as unique as the one Sunny makes for Endure Jewelry. She keeps making new things and has a unique eye for jewelry and understands what runners want and likes because she is a runner herself. I own several of her pieces including a custom piece and she will NEVER know how much they all mean to me. I am definitely not a girlie girl, but running jewelry is something I will always own and cherish because each piece holds a special story with a special journey.

So having the opportunity to design your own running ring for yourself or to gift it to someone special to you will have A LOT of meaning to it. And make sure to follow Endure Jewelry on Instagram so you stay updated on her news, updates, new stuff hitting her site, sales, and giveaways!




5 responses to “Endured for a princess”

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Isn’t it cute?!?

  1. pathtofinishline Avatar

    Will you be writing your experience for this race? 😍

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      I’m not running it this year.

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