runDisney updates

As faithful and true runDisney runners, we are always ready and waiting for the next registration date and searching for our next costumes. On registration day, it is always a nervous, messy day because its first come, first serve. And there are obvious popular races that sell out within minutes and MANY runners are left in the dark. But there are still ways into the race through … Continue reading runDisney updates

PHEIDIPPIDES run with a little Rock n Roll

As a runner you must have heard Pheidippides. If you haven’t than shame on you! Let’s go back, waaaay back in B.C. he ran from Marathon to Athens which was about 25 miles to deliver the news of victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. Soon after he shouted his excitement, he collapsed and died. And the marathon was born. I’m a bit … Continue reading PHEIDIPPIDES run with a little Rock n Roll


So you all are pretty familiar with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon race series right? The happiest, funnest, party, rockin’ races on the planet? I am sure many of you have done several of their races and continue to do so. Las Vegas probably being the most popular one. Feel free to use my discount code for that: theScoliosisrunner2016 This race series just goat a bit more kick ass, … Continue reading #RnRVirtualRun