Get clean on the go.

Living here in one of the hottest states it gets pretty sweaty on a run. Not to mention on those days where the humidity is out of control, which is almost always. I don’t constantly sweat but if I do, you know it’s bad!

But luckily there is On The Go Towels. They are pretty LARGE towels wipes that clean, moisture, and deodorize, leaving you cleaner. It helps you wipes off that dirt, sweat, and sunscreen from your run.

These wipes are pretty awesome and useful. I have been using them for a while and starting to feel like I need them now. I started using them back after each race during the runDisney Star Wars half marathon. Since I wasn’t going back  home to change clothes, I used the On The Go Towels to feel clean and refreshed. Then I went into Epcot to eat. I was starving!

For the past few months, the temps have been crazy here. It’s been in the high 80s, low 90s already! I’m scared with what Summer will bring. Yikes! But at times, I’ve been going for a quick run before going to pick up the little at school. Problem with is that it’s during the middle of the day so the sun is blazing hot!

Then I have to get in the car all sweaty and dirty and covered in sunscreen. BUT….The On The Go Towels  are there to wipe it away!! I also appreciate that there are different scents and all smell and feel clean!





Each time I head out there, I carry one of these babies with me, because even though the wipes are HUGE, the packet is pretty small. But when I am “running” late and have to drive out there, I bring a cooler with me. I put my hydration in there and I throw my On The Go Towel in there too for an extra cool touch to it. It’s perfection I tell ya.

On The Go Towels in my R2D2 cooler bag.

Now Each time that I’ve gone out there to run, I’ve taken one with me. Since they sent me them to try, I am running out and I am going to have to get some more because they are extremely useful and come in very handy living here in Orlando. Especially when you have to go somewhere right after a run and don’t have time to shower. These cleansing wipes are tough and they don’t fall apart. They do their job and make you feel refreshed after miles hours of pounding the pavement.






2 responses to “Get clean on the go.”

  1. wanderwolf Avatar

    Cute cooler. 🙂

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      Thank you

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