Training to get my Diamond 10K

I have talked about the Endure 10K race already. Just to quickly recap, it’s taking place September 25 of this year in Fresno,CA!! With a virtual option as well. Click HERE for all the details. With that said, I did create a 16 week training plan for a 10K.  I did it in a way that you can make the schedule easier for yourself. It’s easy … Continue reading Training to get my Diamond 10K

runDisney updates

As faithful and true runDisney runners, we are always ready and waiting for the next registration date and searching for our next costumes. On registration day, it is always a nervous, messy day because its first come, first serve. And there are obvious popular races that sell out within minutes and MANY runners are left in the dark. But there are still ways into the race through … Continue reading runDisney updates

Star Wars-Dark Side Challenge Part II, The finale

I’ll leave off where Part I left off. Megan and I met up in the lobby of the Hilton Bonnet Creek because she was driving us to Epcot. Walking to the start line, I was a little worried because my rotated ribs were REALLY bothering me. I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want to worry her. I had a massive headache the size of the death … Continue reading Star Wars-Dark Side Challenge Part II, The finale