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As faithful and true runDisney runners, we are always ready and waiting for the next registration date and searching for our next costumes. On registration day, it is always a nervous, messy day because its first come, first serve. And there are obvious popular races that sell out within minutes and MANY runners are left in the dark. But there are still ways into the race through charities and hotel sites that are listed on the runDisney site that participate.

But lately, runDisney has been making tons of changes in their races on both coasts, in California and here in Orlando. With the latest addition of the virtual Star Wars Half Marathon. Where you can add it to the actual Rival Run weekend in April, to make it the Kessel run challenge and get more bling.

But they usually give us a lot of time so we can save up, plan it out, and be ready! This time, things were strange. Runners are used to strange, but with Disney always being so organized this gave us a little red flag.


So runDisney runners everywhere started to go crazy!?!? Why are they taking so long?! Are they adding more races? Taking some away? More virtual races? So people were getting restless and finally runDisney needed to say something and finally let us know that today, June 1st we would hear something and here is the news:


It seems as though runDisney has been working really at making it easier for us to register for races. You can now register multiple runners at a time and now you can use gift cards and more will be available. Plus you will now be going through your My Disney app to register for future races. These are big changes for runDisney and I am sure the first registration event will be exactly that…an event and I hope they are ready for that registering “multiple runners at a time” part. But I am hoping it is easier for us and it’s not such a crazy frenzy to register but I doubt that’ll ever go away.

Regardless I will try to register for any future race I can afford, because they are not cheap LOL So Hoping this update is something you all are happy with too and this eases registration for us all!









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