Training to get my Diamond 10K

I have talked about the Endure 10K race already. Just to quickly recap, it’s taking place September 25 of this year in Fresno,CA!! With a virtual option as well. Click HERE for all the details. With that said, I did create a 16 week training plan for a 10K. 


I did it in a way that you can make the schedule easier for yourself. It’s easy to follow, with just 3 days a week of training, and you add either two days of cross training or of rest. Remember to ALWAYS listen to your body. And rest days ARE part of the training!

This training plan is set for anyone who wants to stay on track to finish. It is also for anyone who hasn’t run in a while or at all! You can also use the run walk method, or walk the race as well. It is similar to ones I’ve set for myself.(No I’m not a coach) Use it as a guideline to help you finish your race because you WILL! Running is something that brings out your inner strength and your will to succeed. Never forget how powerful you truly are and how much you can ENDURE. You’ll receive a beautiful diamond when you finish!!! So lace up your shoes and start training!






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