Put a little EXTRA diamonds in my challenge

My life is a challenge I mean let’s be real. Yes, we get it, but I do enjoy pushing myself a littler further to see what I am capable. I like to do challenges to prove to myself that I can hard things to despite all the daily challenges I face daily. It helps. With that said, this is the latest one I have decided to take on….


The EXTRA Diamond Challenge

What is it? Well it is the past Diamond 10K race I have done. Except this is adding an extra 3K to it. Let me break it down:

Race day is Sunday, Semptember 25, 2022

Diamond 10K live and virtual option:

(In person option has limited spots) Price $99-

-Includes race bib, finisher shirt, and the ever so famous finisher medal which is a special Diamond necklace

-Price increases after Feb 28 to $110-

It is the same for the virtual option.


The EXTRA Diamond Challenge is the one I signed up for.

Extra Diamond Challenge:

Also in person and virtual options(spots limited for the in person option) Price $169-

-Price increase Feb 28th to $179-

-Includes race bib, shirt, finisher Diamond necklace “the medal” AND a limited edition hat, and newly added limited edition DIAMOND RING!

-Same for the virtual option.

I am excited for the swag on this one because not only do we get the diamond finisher necklace, but we get hats and let me tell you….her hats are one of the most comfortable to wear. I actually wore one of them at the WDW Marathon last month. And the icing on the cake, she threw in a diamond ring!!!! YES! Not only do we get a diamond necklace, we get a diamond ring too when you sign up for the EXTRA Diamond Challenge.

Since it is 13 years, of Endure Jewelry the challenge consist of running the 10K distance plus an added 3K which gives you a total of just over 8 miles.

Kid’s Diamond Dash:

Both in person and virtual(spots limited for in person option) Price $29-

-Includes t-shirt and medal

-Kids 12 and under

Prince increases Feb 28th to $35-


I had done every single event that Run Endure has put on. Each one has been a lot of fun, the swag has been unique because what other race has given you diamonds as your finisher medal? I love having jewelry as a way to commemorate races or events because as a runner with debilitating diseases, running comes with many challenges and takes a lot of work for me. That is why when I run I take it as a gift and honor to be able to do so. So being able to wear jewelry and remember certain moments when I had to fight real hard, or moments when I was at my highest, it is priceless. I have a goal for this race and I am hoping and fully intend to achieve it. From here on I will train for it and keep working at being a strong runner.

This was the last Diamond 10K challenge where I reached my goal

See you on the streets!



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