Time to celebrate MOM

The best way a mother runner wants to celebrate Mother’s Day is with a RUN! When I am training, or even when I don’t have a race in sight, I like doing virtual races to keep my running going. It helps to keep me motivated. And during my training, it helps to keep it interesting. Because after all, marathon training can get boring at times.

Running on the wall has a large variety of virtual races you can do at any time. And just in case you aren’t too clear on what virtual races are: they are races you can sign up for and run them around your town, your favorite trail, you can even divide them into days whatever you want. You run them at YOUR pace, your rules(unless they make their own). They will send you a bib, t-shirt, medal and other swag they may offer. Each company has different things they offer.

Running on the wall is offering a pretty fun virtual race for Mother’s Day this year and it’s full of swag! It’s perfect for all you bad ass mother runners out there!

Bad ass mother runner 

This one you can actually turn it into any distance race you want. You can make it a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon race! You’d get this tank, flower medal, bib, bracelet with hidden money/key holder, car decal and bracelet.

I think this is a really awesome gift too! If you want to surprise your runner wife, or friend who is an amazing mom who loves a challenge here is a great way to do so. Us moms already work hard at giving our children everything. Sometimes we feel like we are being pulled 8 different directions while still making time for ourselves. So why not celebrate US in the best way we know how? RUNNING!


Click here to sign up and get more info on Bad ass mother runner race. You can also join the Facebook Event Page to join others running the race, share your questions, tips, accomplishments, even share your post run photos!

I will be running this virtual race this week, before Mother’s Day, why don’t you join me?? I will either do the 10K or the half marathon. Depends on what my body allows me to do :/ Join me and we could do it together! And since FB now has the Live feed maybe I’ll do some live videos…we’ll see how it all plays out! Make sure you are following me Facebook – twitter – instagram

And P/S Follow Running On The Wall on FB because they have tons of fun stuff and are always doing giveaways 😉

I look forward to seeing you!








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