Pizza and running…..yes please!

“A lovely cheesy pizza just for me.” You remember some of the most infamous lines from one of the most memorable Christmas movies back in the day? I watched that movie a lot growing up and it’s such a fun one. You can’t think of Kevin McCallister and the Wet Bandits without laughing. All the pranks Marv and Harry had to go through just to … Continue reading Pizza and running…..yes please!

RUN the states

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! Time for fireworks and fun! But there is also something that is kicking off today….and it’s pretty big… Do YOU like a challenge? You know my answer to that. I’ve been going strong in my current Run the year challenge. But in my true, “go big or go home” MO I decided to add another Run The Edge challenge. But this one is a big … Continue reading RUN the states

“I just felt like running.” -Forest Gump

I took upon the latest virtual race challenge that I’ve come across. It’s the Classic 15K I decided to go for a little run from Running on the wall. I enjoy doing virtual races as it keeps my training fun. It gives me something to look forward too and adds a little change in the training. I know many who train and get bored or get … Continue reading “I just felt like running.” -Forest Gump