The diamond medal

I have written about races before. I have covered all distances and all types of races. But there are ones that are definitely unique. The virtual races. Why are they so different? Well, for one they are becoming more popular. You sign up for the same distance, sometimes at a lesser cost, with the same reward and you get to run it on your OWN TIME! Also you can walk it, run with your group of friends, your family, or even incorporate it into your training.

Virtual runs are a lot of fun. And you can make the run YOURS. You can split it up over days, or run it in one day. Or get a big group of runners together and make a whole day out of it! There is this one special race, The Diamond 10K, that I have been talking about for some time. It was organized by Sunny, the owner of Endure Jewelry.

Some of Endure Jewelry goodies. See more over at

She is celebrating her company’s 10th anniversary! So of course what better way than to do a DIAMOND 10K right?!? I wrote about all the details here. But Sunny surprised us all and gave us the medal reveal today! For those that don’t know, there will be a real 10K race in Fresno, California organized by her with TONS of finish line goodies and sponsors. (Follow her to stay up to date) There is a virtual run option as well and you still get bib, lifestyle tank, and the genuine diamond necklace, aka the finisher medal!!!

Want to see it…….

The Diamond 10K finisher medal! Isn’t it beautiful?!

TA DA!!!

Why is it so special?

Sunny is incredibly talented and creative. She came up with this beautifully designed piece. The design was inspired by the facets of a brilliant cut diamond. Each facet represents everyone’s special relationship with running. Whatever you have gone through in your running journey, the friendships you’ve made, the hardships you’ve overcome, each finish line you’ve crossed, the strengths you’ve found you didn’t think you had. Those facets all come together to represent everything running has brought you, including the running community. There is nothing stronger, more supportive than the running community. The silhouette in the center is YOU! You are the center of it all and you bring it all together ❤ The genuine diamond at the top just gives it a finishing touch. That sparkle, that shimmer, that shine that we all love and appreciate as a well deserved reward.

This “medal” is beautiful and I will wear it proudly when I earn it on September 1st. I have never been so excited to do a virtual race before! Maybe because I LOVE Endure Jewelry so much, because the tank tops are super comfortable, or because the Diamond is my birthstone? Either way this is a race you SHOULD NOT miss because I can tell you with all certainty that time IS running out!!!!! You need to stop debating if you want to do this race because spots are filling up and registration is closing sooner than you think. I promise you. REGISTER HERE with discount code: FRIENDS before it’s too late. If you don’t, I guarantee you’ll have real FOMO come September when everyone is sporting their “medals”. I hope to see you all running with Sunny and donuts in hand. Or at least do the race with me virtually!




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