Rise-Shine-Run- and keep dreaming!

So everything has been messy this year. Including the running world. Most, if not all races have transitioned over to virtual options. One of the races I did this year, was Endure’s Rise Shine Run event. It took place in September. There was a 5K, 10K, and half marathon options. I signed up to run it for fun. Besides, the medal was a VERY pretty sterling silver necklace, plus a fabulous hat. So I had to.

There was an option to run the race and submit your proof of time to finish top 3 in each distance to win even more swag. But with the hell I have been going through….I wasn’t holding my breath.

I was training for my marathon that was to be held in January, which ended up being canceled anyhow. I use my Egg Weights to increase my speed and endurance. I don’t really care for speed, but I do need to have endurance. But increasing my speed, helps make my muscles stronger and withstand the tasks and hell I put them through come marathon time. Plus when I run with Lyssa…..she is SPEED. 

My Egg Weights have made a big difference in my running and how my body reactions to movements and I can comfortably say it’s due to them that my speed has increased. I have put in HOURS and hours of work with them. And thanks to that, my determination, my stubbornness, whatever you want to call it….I have placed in the Worldwide race!!!


I placed 2nd place in the 5K division of the “RISE, SHINE, RUN” VIRTUAL RUN PARTY 2020 !!!! I didn’t think I would but my time was out of this world(for me)! I remember running and getting into the TEENS! Do you know how long it’s been since I have run that fast!?! I gave it everything and ran it for ME. I was proud of myself for running that distance at a killer pace and ended up with a time of 19:31. 

Stay focused on your goals. #motivation

Since I have a long list of health problems, it usually takes me a good 4 to 6 miles to get into a rhythm, a good pace. So running 5Ks believe it or not is actually difficult for me. So I was actually surprised I held that pace of 6:17 for 3.1 miles. I didn’t look at my watch and had such a nice flow, I felt like I was gliding. It was beautiful. Once I finished I was struggling a bit, but I got it together. 


When Sunny posted the finished times of the top 3, I was shocked! I am by far NOT a fast runner. I just consider myself a runner. If you all only knew the crap and hell I have been going through these past few months….yikes. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I saw the post over on Run Endure. I am so grateful I can still run in my condition, let alone place in a race!!! 



Just wanted to share this because no matter how big and scary your dreams or goals may seem….they aren’t impossible. Never underestimate yourself and never give up on your potential. And don’t let anyone tell you how you are supposed to dream or that they are too big to achieve!







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