Everything but the kitchen sink

I have a certain thing for races as all runners do. We sign up for them, train for them, line up at the start, finish and have this runner’s high when we cross that finish line as we proudly wear our finishers medal. Am I right?

But there are also virtual runs, that I have a deep love for! I have done tons of virtual races for many reasons. 1- For the charities they represent, 2- They help me throughout my training; especially through marathon training 3- It’s a good way to involve the family 4- A fun way to spend time with your running group, girlfriends or running buddy. I can keep going but those are the top reasons I sign up for the virtual races.

Now my FAVORITE clothing company, Raw Threads(The only clothing my skin can stand during flare-ups) is the official training gear for GARFIELD’S VIRTUAL RUNNING SERIES!! I am super excited about this because they choose me as a brand ambassador for Run with the Character!


This is a virtual run that you can sign up for and a portion of the profits from each entry will go towards the Professor Garfield Foundation, continuing their efforts towards children’s literacy and creative expression.  Professor Garfield Foundation is non-profit. Their web site has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of many corporations, organizations, universities and educators who care about developing a creative and innovative learning portal for children, K-8. Materials included on the Professor Garfield site are developed and reviewed by educational experts who have the best interests of students and educators in mind.(info from Run with Characters) Click here for more information on the charity.

Run with Character has many different options to choose from just the bib, to everything but the kitchen sink!

Click HERE to see the different packages.

If you like donuts and you like running, then this virtual running race is for YOU! You can walk, run, crawl your way  through any distance. The options are from 5K, 10K, half and full marathon. You have until May 15, 2018 to complete the distance you choose. Again, the cool thing I love about this is that I can integrate it into my training and make it fun! Because I mean come on, sometimes those monotonous long runs can get boring.

When you do these fun virtual runs that have FANTASTIC swag it kind of makes you run with a little bit of motivation. And Garfield and Odie?!?! Who doesn’t LOVE them!

THIS!!!!! I mean seriously?!?!? I need this in my life ASAP! Find it HERE

I run with my medical alert dog so this is a must have for my Raw Threads collection. And trust me when I saw that they are T-H-E best to run in, lounge in, and recover in. With my Fibromyalgia, they are the ONLY clothes my skin can tolerate so I highly recommend you check them out.

I will be signing up for Everything but the kitchen sink which is the BEST package to get, in my opinion because you get everything offered! You get a shirt, medal, pin, plushes, and downloadable bib. Need I say more?

I hope you all will join me and run this virtual race with me! Especially if you love donuts too because the “Everything but the kitchen sink” package is delivered in a donuts box!






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