May the RUN be with you.



I am always on the hunt for a good virtual race. I can’t always travel around to races to I look for the next good thing and do the virtual runs and give myself challenges. I make them fun, interesting, and sometimes hard work. Depending on the distance of the race.

I think I found the BEST one yet. Gone for a Run – May the Run be You Seriously?? Is there a need to question it? Star Wars and running? Need I say more? But Let me fill you on what you get because EVERYTHING in the virtual race kit is amazing!

First off, yes there is bling involved and not only is it out of this galaxy, but it is double-sided AND it glows in the dark! I know right! I was geeking out too when I read it! You also get a race bib, and a RokBAND Multi-functional Headband.

Click here for more info.

Besides it being Star Wars related, this 4 miler virtual run is bringing awareness to Military. Which you know is one of my weaknesses. I will do anything to help them. And Gone For a Run has teamed up with Wear Blue: Run to Remember to honor those who have sacrificed and served in the Military. I think that it’s incredibly cool of them to do that. Plus my husband and best friend are included in that bracket =) Both Army.

If you get a chance, head on over and check this virtual race out. I see lots of you in the middle of training. It is a run way to pump of some speed work. Or to make a boring run fun and earn a nice medal at the end! Better yet, get the whole family involved! What kid wouldn’t want a glow in the dark medal??


Besides the virtual race kit, you can also get a whole bunch of other stuff too and I have my eye on these which look so amazingly comfy!

Gone For a Run REALLY knocked it out of the galaxy with this one. I haven’t decided if to run as a rebel, sith, or a rebel spy. Either way, I know it will be fun. That is why virtual races stand out and are different. You can run them at your own time, your own pace and your own place! And of course, with this race, you can submit your photo and time to see how you rank against others if you’re into that time thing. Register here and join me! I think I’ll run on the dark side. They tend to have the most fun. Plus I hear they got cupcakes 😉


May the force be with you.









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