Walt Disney World Marathon 2019

It’s officially fall! Which means it’s officially marathon training season. WOOHOO! What does that mean in Florida? Beautiful fall leaves, those brown, orange, yellow colors, with cool breezes and cool nights…NO. That doesn’t happen here. We get rain, HOT days and humid nights. But runners still run through those conditions, I think we are just used to it and we battle through it all. But … Continue reading Walt Disney World Marathon 2019

Fall Fling with some with bling!

If you are a subscriber to RunnerBox then maybe you have received the fall edition box and email. If not I’m going to share something fun that are up to this season! And you’ll love it! RunnerBox have joined forces with The Happy Tooth Foundation to help give kids healthy bodies and healthy minds. Also hoping to raise money to secure food for at risk children. So they have … Continue reading Fall Fling with some with bling!

PHEIDIPPIDES run with a little Rock n Roll

As a runner you must have heard Pheidippides. If you haven’t than shame on you! Let’s go back, waaaay back in B.C. he ran from Marathon to Athens which was about 25 miles to deliver the news of victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. Soon after he shouted his excitement, he collapsed and died. And the marathon was born. I’m a bit … Continue reading PHEIDIPPIDES run with a little Rock n Roll

Amerithon Challenge Update

I have been doing a challenge for myself to complete 3,521 miles. It’s called the Amerithon challenge. It has a MASSIVE medal to go with it too BTW. It is all done virtually and I have been tallying my running, racing, and cycling miles into it. They tell you to accumulate miles as you run, walk, bike, swim, hike, or even pogo stick across America. The “they” … Continue reading Amerithon Challenge Update