There is magic to train for

Lately I have been on a tough road. I always have hope that one day all my illnesses would just stop, but the way things are going….it doesn’t seem that way. My conditions only seem to be worsening and days are only getting tougher to push through. I do wake up every day in pain and I barely sleep at night, but every day is different. I never know what to expect….BUT..

One thing I’m sure of is what I will be doing on January 12th, 2020 at 5:30a.m. I will be toeing the start line of the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon! I am excited to be back again with this year’s performance being such a dud. Getting so sick, going blind, my body going numb, and my brain disease just completely taking over and making it utterly tough to do anything, yet I still finished.

giphy (6)

This time I am going harder and tougher than I EVER have. Because I am weaker than I was before. So now I have to work much more and work pretty much every day which presents a problem. My stupid illnesses doesn’t let that happen. I have already started training with cross training, and of course I had to modify my schedule to fit my needs.

Luckily I have been able to run with Egg Weights in my hands which has helped my form, strength, and stability. They are these ergonomically shaped, palm centered weights with finger loops. I hold them while I run and they have made a significant difference. For years I haven’t been able to raise my run up while running, now I can thanks to running with the weights.

Get more information about them HERE

Running is already tough. But adding all the health issues I have on top of that makes it a million times tougher. But yes, the million dollar question….then why do I run. Because it gives me the freedom, power, and strength that my illnesses do not. Every morning I wake up and I am sick. I don’t know if my day will be bad or hell. I know it will be hard, just don’t know how bad. Running makes me feel like ME. It gives me a type of joy and freedom for a few minutes that nothing else can. Sometimes my health issues aren’t always in the way when I run. I am working real hard now to make it so it stays at bay for longer than just a few minutes.


I am so GRATEFUL that KT Tape exists! The tape is holding me together, literally. I will survive training, my “normal” days and the days where my body is refusing to cooperate with KT Tape by my side. I have the colors of the rainbow, which means I am ready for battle. I also have their new pain relief gel so let’s go! Their new gel BTW is magic. I have probably used half of my bottle already LOL I need more and stock up on it. I kid you not.

KT Tape

I will be using KT Tape PRO for those that keep asking me. It stays on for about 5 days with no problem. It has been muggy, raining, and super humid and I have no issues with it coming off. Most of my apps are about 5% to 10% tension and I always clean the area and give it a good 45 minutes to an hour before I run or swim. Lately I haven’t swam much because there has been a monsoon of a storm every day. But I do use different application for my Scoliosis as it all depends where on my back is hurting and my knees. So I will be using KT Tape all the time, but that isn’t something new because I ALWAYS have KT Tape on somewhere. It really keeps me from falling apart.


So here’s to training, follow me on instagram to follow along on my journey. Will I be seeing you there?




9 responses to “There is magic to train for”

  1. Movin' it with Michelle Avatar

    Thankfully you are healthy enough TO run a marathon still. Celebrate that my friend!!! I don’t think my body will allow me to ever run another full. Just too many issues. Xoxoxo

    1. Empire Unleashed Avatar
      Empire Unleashed

      Yes. Very important point. I am happy to be able to at least walk if I have to. That is what happened in January.

      1. Movin' it with Michelle Avatar

        As long as you keep movin’ forward my friend. 😘😘

      2. Empire Unleashed Avatar
        Empire Unleashed

        Likewise. You are so strong. Keep that up

      3. Movin' it with Michelle Avatar

        Love you girl. Those of us that fight silent/invisible struggles get it.

      4. Empire Unleashed Avatar
        Empire Unleashed

        Yes. We do. 😘

      5. Movin' it with Michelle Avatar

        We need to plan a meet up soon. Miss you!

      6. Empire Unleashed Avatar
        Empire Unleashed

        I should be around a lot for food and wine festival. I’ll shoot you a text when I go.

      7. Movin' it with Michelle Avatar

        Awesome!! Sounds good.

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