Oh what fun it is to run

So here we are…less than a month away from the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. Time has flown by! But I can’t help that my anxiety is through the roof! Running has been more than just a challenge lately. Just being able to survive each day has been the goal. But I have been able to get my runs in and able to hit those … Continue reading Oh what fun it is to run

Beat the treadmill blues

When you think about running, you imagine a beautiful trail, comfortably paved roads, some tall trees to add some shade….sounds perfect right? So what do you do on the days that the rain storm outside looks like a monsoon? Or its so cold outside your hands freeze going to get the mail?….You hit the treadmill!!! I do love a good run in the rain…there is … Continue reading Beat the treadmill blues

Believe it is and you will succeed

How did I set 3 PRs in one month?!?!? I’ll tell you. It’s no secret. I have always been a competitive runner….I compete against myself. I RARELY run a race for time, or train to be faster. Knowing that running alone is a major task in itself, I’m not trying to go completely off my rocker and hurt myself. I know that running any distance … Continue reading Believe it is and you will succeed