Running in comfort

We all know that running is difficult and takes a lot of courage, strength and determination to do it. But most of all you have to conquer lots of fears. Once you have gotten all of that out of the way, because TRUST me…you will. I believe in all of you. Most of you already have overcome all of that already. Just taking that first step out of the door and deciding to become a runner, is the biggest step of all.

Now running comfortably…that is also a little tricky. Finding the right running gear isn’t always easy. Most people, including myself, have trouble. And once we find something, we tend to buy the same item in different colors. Since my Scoliosis makes my body a little deformed, I certainly have trouble finding ANYTHING. So shopping for running gear is an arduous task.

I have been wearing a specific brand of capri for running and they are phenomenal! They are from BELCORVA Clothing. They are suuuuuper comfortable. It has a drawstring adjustable waist which is very useful because my hips are uneven. And the capris I use are high waist which make is better because they sit above my hips and they stay in place. Most other capris end up falling on one side due to my hips being uneven because of my Scoliosis.

Check these out and others by clicking HERE

They also have pockets on the sides! This is a HUGE plus for me! I LOVE this feature from Belcorva! The pockets are a decent size because they fit my big Samsung Galaxy S10 phone with room to spare. They also have a 4″x 2″ zipper pocket in the back which fits car/house keys perfectly. AND they are tagless. Yes please!

Pockets on both sides!

A key feature about Belcorva clothing is the lightness, moisture wicking fabric. I live in Orlando where it is always hot, muggy, and humid. You honestly get slapped in the face with humidity and heat each time you walk outside. I have worn my Belcorva capris for races and runs outside and I love how breathable the fabric is and how light they feel no matter how hot it may be outside.

I am wearing an old style of Belcorva capris and they are my everything! I LOVE the color! I wore them for a 7 miles run with super high humidity and the temps reaching the 90s by the early morning!

Belcorva Clothing has been the most comfortable, fun, versatile brand I’ve used. I’m happy I came across the brand and I will stick to it. It is super popular and they are always coming out with new styles that sell out pretty quickly! You can find them on INSTAGRAM <~~~~~~~ and you can see and shop all of their styles. From shorts to bras and capris to kids!


Give them a look and see what they have. Because if my deformed body can find comfort in this company and their clothing then you definitely will. You can wear them for running, cycling, yoga, or even a night out 😉 They are for everything activity and the best part is that they are very affordable. The quality is amazing and the feel and comfort of the fabric is so soft and doesn’t aggravate my fibromyalgia. I love it for the price too!Go SEE and get a sweet little discount with: Gelcys15 at check out!




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  1. Be Belcorva – Empire Unleashed Avatar

    […] Some of cons from having Scoliosis, is finding clothes that fit right. It’s always fun shopping. That is why shopping is always such a great adventure for me…..NOT. So recently I wrote about these AMAZING capris that fit nicely. They don’t bounce, shimmy down, don’t stink when they are covered in sweat, and most importantly…they have 2 huge pockets on both sides. Read more about them HERE. […]

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