Be Belcorva

We all know that I have Scoliosis. I am pretty sure I have made that crookedly clear. My spine has a double curve, the thoracic(middle) is curved at a 39 degree angle. So it is pretty severe. Luckily it isn’t moving much which is great. Just causing extreme pain, on some days worse than others. BUT I manage through it with no pain meds and survive with KT TAPE.


Some cons from having Scoliosis, is finding clothes that fit right. It’s always fun shopping. That is why shopping is always such a great adventure for me…..NOT. So recently I wrote about these AMAZING capris that fit nicely. They don’t bounce, shimmy down, don’t stink when they are covered in sweat, and most importantly…they have 2 huge pockets on both sides. Read more about them HERE.

In my pocket of these Belcorva capris, I have a 160z collapsible hydration bottle and in the other pocket is my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone.

I already got more capris and I love the latest ones I got. They remind of a specific Star Wars character. But anyhow, I also tried out their adjustable sports bra. I was a bit nervous about it because since I have that very pronounced curve, I usually have ZERO luck with tops, and bras. If you notice, I usually wear t-shirts because of it. It is hard for me to find tops that fit without my “hump” pulling the shirt to the left side.

For running, I have worn two kinds of bras, and they are the same style. Luckily Belcorva was the same. Besides it being my two favorite colors, it is criss cross with adjustable straps. I LOVE the fact that the straps are adjustable! You know how hard it is to find comfortable running bras that have adjustable straps that don’t dig into my ribs?!?!


This BELCORVA bra has proven to be soooo comfortable. I have been running in it for some time now and it fits great. Only thing I would recommend is to size up. I am a size XS or S and I am in a size medium. Other than that, I have no issues with this bra whatsoever. I love the style, colors, and design. They do also carry an all black bra which looks phenomenal as well. But of course, I have the grey and black one.

Both bra and capris are from Belcorva

Follow them on INSTAGRAM for upcoming new items, sales, and motivation! I can’t get enough of them and when I run, I am usually wearing something Belcorva. It is just so comfortable and I don’t have to worry about my pants sliding down, or my bra digging into my ribs and making my back hurt or anything. It’s so freeing!

BTW use code: Gelcys15 and save at checkout!


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