Believe it is and you will succeed

How did I set 3 PRs in one month?!?!? I’ll tell you. It’s no secret. I have always been a competitive runner….I compete against myself. I RARELY run a race for time, or train to be faster. Knowing that running alone is a major task in itself, I’m not trying to go completely off my rocker and hurt myself. I know that running any distance at any pace is a major accomplishment for me.


I have noticed though that within this year, my pace has improved, and I can hold it for longer miles. I usually take breath breaks between each mile and a half, but in the last few months I haven’t needed that break. I am still running slow as I have never claimed to be fast. But there is an increase in my speed, and straight running distance.

As as you all know, my EPIC Half Marathon race 3 weeks ago, I set a new PR. From my original Half marathon finish to now was a 16 minute PR!! I still can’t believe how awesome it went. Anyhow, I have also had slow 10K times. With the amount of time I’ve spent training, the 10K mark comes and goes and I have noticed a faster time. I have been stuck at running 6 miles at 1:20. And it seemed so tough and I haven’t been able to break into the teens until now!


With my drive to succeed and my want to become a better runner, I have hit 3 separate personal records this month. Obviously starting with the Wine and Dine Half marathon.

I am still training for the Goofy Challenge in January. But this Saturday I am excited to be running Track Shack’s OUC Orlando Half Marathon! So today I went out for an “easy” 6 miles.

What ended up happening, usually happens on a cool day that is just meant to get out and run. I honestly feel I am running like the wind!!

I had had 2 very ad runs last week, and the third run was just OK. I struggled to focus and find my rhythm. Today, I wasn’t expecting much or even hitting my 6 mile target. 1- because wasn’t sure how my back would react to it, and 2- it was going to get dark very quickly and I didn’t want to be stuck in the pitch black alone.

On days that I know I will run, I keep a focused, positive mentality. CogniTea does a REAL good job in making that happen. So as I sat and sipped on my delicious hot tea, I was mentally preparing for my run.


I prepped as usual with stretching, rolling, and lacing.I already have KT Tape on (4 days) so I knew my back wasn’t going to an issue.20141126_214931I put on my long-sleeved tech and some running shorts and was out the door. Honestly, the first 2 miles were hell! They were tough! My legs felt heavy, my shins tightened up and I felt sluggish. Even though I was keeping a 10:21 pace. I went to my 2 mile turn around point and came back just in case I felt pain. Since I was alone, I didn’t want to be stuck out there.


When I headed back, It was only going to be a 2 mile mark. I knew never to judge a run in the first few miles. Not sure if this happens to anyone else but it takes my body 2 maybe 3 miles to get into the rhythm and find a nice ride. So with that, I kept going. Even though I was in a little pain, I pushed on. Made it to the 4.5 miles mark and then it got VERY dark. Was a little tough to see, but one thing I did see what that time on my Garmin! I knew I had to continue no matter what! I wanted that third PR and was way to close to ignore it!

Again a great run where I didn’t need those breath breaks and was keeping a steady pace that I just kept running back and forth around this light pole where I could keep an eye on my surroundings, and then whala!!!!!! PR!


2 weeks ago I did the same thing, but today I beat my previous time. I am finding myself more in tune, more focused into my body movements. I have realized my strengths and weaknesses. I just found a way to get into the zone and fly. I want to say that CogniTea has a little somethin’ somethin’ to do with it. It has given me mental clarity needed on my runs. I now drink a cup before each run. Sometimes its all I need to power me through shorter runs. Like today, I drank some water at 3 miles then when I was done.

It is my sheer determination, and will to prove to myself how strong I am. I don’t compete against others. I support and encourage others to keep going. But with me, it’s a personal thing 😉 I came home, stretched and immediately drank my Vega Recovery Accelerator to feed my hard-working muscles. A second PR in 2 weeks…after having back to back horrible runs. Anything is possible, any goal is attainable, you just have to believe in yourself. It is the most powerful weapon you can have.

My must have essentials for a successful run
My must have essentials for a successful run


I know that I have come a long way from running 6 miles in 1:30 to 1:11 but it takes work, dedication, and strength. I may have Scoliosis, and have HUGE struggles every day but I don’t use that as an excuse to make this impossible. I’ve been told many times that  with the severity of my twisted spine, that it is impossible to run. I refuse to believe that and won’t believe it. Because each day that I run 1 mile, means I am doing the imPOSSIBLE.


-cheetah g


4 responses to “Believe it is and you will succeed”

  1. Kayla Dawn Thomas Avatar

    Wow! You are so inspiring! I hurt my back a couple months after a sprint triathlon a couple years ago, and I haven’t been able to run like I used to since. My word for 2015 is strong. I’m hoping I can rebuild my strength and maybe do a 5K in March. I’m curious about the taping your are doing on your back. My pain is very different than yours, so I wonder if it would work for me.

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Hey Kayla! That is an excellent form of motivation to have! Love that for your 2015. Yes the tape will help with your back pain. You can go to their site and see the different apps for back pain. If not feel free to ask me =)

      1. Kayla Dawn Thomas Avatar

        Thanks, I’ll do some research!

      2. runner unleashed Avatar
        runner unleashed

        No problem.

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