Some days are rough, some days don’t even have a word to describe it. But a way to recover from them or to survive…is to RUN. At least that is what they say. Running can be difficult at times, yes, but it can also be therapeutic too. Some people blast some music in their headphones and are lost on the trails for a few hours, … Continue reading Monday.

Challenges with STRENGTH.

Some see challenges as something big and scary. But I see them and I go right for them! I don’t know why but it’s a personal thing and I feel accomplished. Even if I don’t beat the challenge, just willing to try the challenge, any challenge, makes me feel accomplished. If you have been following me on my social media, you’ve seen my recent post about overcoming … Continue reading Challenges with STRENGTH.

Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon weekend 2017 Episode II

This was such an epic weekend! I hate that it went by so fast! I already told you how my first race and first days went, if you want to catch up, read it here. After I had successfully done the 10K at an excellent time, at least in my eyes, I was more than ready for the half marathon on Sunday. Even though I was … Continue reading Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon weekend 2017 Episode II

Your royal red carpet awaits..

Hear ye hear ye! The princesses have arrived! It’s here runners! runDisney princess half marathon weekend has officially begun! The expo has kicked off and many have already made their way over to pick up bibs, shirts, and lots of fun race merchandise! Even though I will not be running the race, I will be stopping by the expo tomorrow to pick up a few things. One … Continue reading Your royal red carpet awaits..

What’s in the box?

So we have received our RunnerBox this month and it’s filled with lots of goodies!! And they also have a special Valentine’s Day celebration box. It’s a perfect loving gift for your favorite runner. Everything is the Special box is Valentine’s day themed filled with runner favorites! There is also the regular subscription box that you can received bi-monthly. That is what I get and it’s awesome. … Continue reading What’s in the box?