Stronger I will be

I haven’t been writing much but here is why, and I hope to be back writing soon! I miss helping you all overcome injuries!

As most of you know, I have been bed ridden for the past week and a half now. Long story short, after running my 8 training miles the day before mother’s day, an odd pain hit. I have never had an issue with the left side of my back, but it suddenly swelled up so bad that the best way I can describe it is that it was so swollen, that it felt like my scar was going to rip open. Gross I know. But that is the best explanation of how it felt.

I have gone to doctors and emergency rooms, I have limited movement with my arm because every time I put the muscles to work, aka, grab a cup of water, it was ridiculous pain that I can not describe. I have lots of more appointments lined up but basically what has apparently happened is that my spine is putting pressure against my ribs, lungs, and heart. My heart was exhaustively tested along with my lungs and everything came out OK. My back has gone into complete spasms and at this point, I’m just trying to keep the pain under control. I am using ice, heat, massages, and KT Tape.

Even though he is miles and miles away but my PT from Action Potential Physical Therapy has been a MAJOR help. His knowledge with muscles, pain, and bio-mechanics is insane! Before I even went to the emergency room, I told him my symptoms and he knew exactly what was wrong. He has created custom KT Tape apps for me to reduce my swelling and pain. Though at time my pain is beyond the tape, it does keep the swelling down which has at times been the cause of my pain.


I have been keeping you all as updated as I can via my social media accounts, and have received a tremendous amount of support and well wishes. A special thanks to RunnerBox for the beautiful bouquet of fruits that I received. Including special notes left every day by my little man:


Screenshot_2015-05-19-16-22-08-1 Screenshot_2015-05-19-16-22-31-1

I am UBER grateful for all of you that has messaged me every day, left comments, and sent me prayers and positive vibes my way. You all are truly amazing people with big hearts. As I still continue to heal, I am taking it day by day. I am being as positive as I can and will continue to move forward. While some days it seems like I take a giant step back, I always look at the next day as a new start. I still have trouble sitting and moving around but thanks to my out of this world husband, he has been there and hasn’t left my side. I have truly been blessed with him. I never take him for granted =).

I have missed 4 days of training but I will be back soon. I rather play it safe and give my body enough time to heal instead of rushing it and causing damage to my spine. While this all sounds pretty bad and painful, please know that I am a strong fighter and I am OK.

Here I leave you with some Disney inspired motivation as it always makes me smile:

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screen-shot-2014-11-13-at-8-44-26-am tumblr_n7hk8fXBZ81r115hxo6_250


I will continue to keep you all updated on FB and instagram. Hopefully I will be back out there sweating and putting some miles on my ASICS.



4 responses to “Stronger I will be”

  1. Shannon Avatar

    You will be back kicking butt on the roads soon, I know it. You are a badass chick! *hugs*

  2. Jess@Flying Feet In Faith Avatar
    Jess@Flying Feet In Faith

    My thoughts are with you! You are the true definition of strength, encouragement, and hope. You are a running rockstar. Thank YOU for your continued inspiration no matter the circumstance. You’re honestly beautiful.

  3. wendyistakingthelongwayhome Avatar

    Do you do yoga? I’m sure you know about all the benefits for people with scoliosis. I hope those muscle spasms calm down so you can get moving again. Hang in there..

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      Yes I do. I can’t do much because my spine is fused together but yes I do yoga

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