My legs just kept going.

Today was a day that I just HAD to share with you all…..

Talking to my BFF, Jin, (the one who keeps you all posted on my races on FB) about running. Which BTW, she has made my SOOOO happy by deciding to run her first half marathon! She has her eye on the runDisney Wine and Dine Half marathon in November so she has plenty of time to train. She has been training for some time now and working her miles up slowly and safely.

So we were texting and we figured out we were both running today. I told her I was going for an easy 3 miles and she was going to also. Maybe I should mention that she lives about 200 miles away from me LOL…anyway, she struggled with a side stitch that I helped her with and I set out to start my 3 miles…

Since my IT band was unhappy, I used KT Tape to keep in under control
Since my IT band was unhappy, I used KT Tape to keep in under control


Since I ran the Goofy Challenge in January, I have only had 1 good run since then. Running 3 times a week since then and only having 1 good run does not make me happy. Rounding up the first mile I was already struggling. My shin muscle was as tight as could be. I stopped and stretched it many times, after doing a VERY good stretching/rolling session this morning.

Sometimes, it takes a good 2 to 3 miles for me to find the groove so I just kept going hoping that by mile 3 I would be fine. Mile 2 came and went at a snail pace. I text Jin and told her I was getting angry and annoyed so in true best friend fashion we proceeded to make each other laugh by sending each other goofy pics and messages:




I was pressed for time but wanted to keep running until I felt better. I passed mile 4 and worked my way to mile 5. I wasn’t happy with how heavy my legs were feeling and how I was running. It felt like I forgot how to run! My stride was off, my pressure was heavy and I kept dragging my shoes. I would’ve kept going but I needed to be home by a certain time.

I did 5 which took me longer than usual. The time it took me to run 5 miles, is the amount of time I would normally run 6 miles in so I was returning home as a cranky runner.


I wasn’t having it. I was tired of all these back to back to back bad runs. As I drove home from the trails, the frustration grew. I was getting more angry with myself and what I was dealing with. I just HAD to get out of this funk! As soon as I got back home, I drank some gatorade and jumped on the treadmill. The shenanigans continued with Jin:


I was 1.5 miles in and was focused and driven. Jin asked me how much I was going to run, my answer was I will stop when I am tired. I was oozing determination.


So I started at 11:10 a mile and felt fine, it was cake compared to the 14 minutes mile I was struggling with outside on this BEAUTIFUL day


As I set off, I blasted my music and lost myself in the beats. Sounds cheesy but I focus on the drum beats and music notes to distract me from pains or how tired I may be….I was so lost in the moment that I was at 3 miles before I knew it! I was so energized and on such a nice rhythm that I didn’t want to stop!!!! I kept going!


I just kept running and running. I said fine, OK, I’ll stop at 4 miles…yeah no. That came and went quick! I finally stopped at 6.5 miles on the treadmill after speeding it up to 10:45. I was on such a high and was getting rid of all the frustration that had built up from the past runs that it powered me to end today with running 11.5 miles

20150206_165244 I love being the underdog because the moments when I succeed, it makes it MUCH more meaningful! I honestly couldn’t sop running. Has that ever happened to you? You are feeling so great, conditions are perfect and you are feeling it and just don’t want to stop? Yes that happened today….on the treadmill! =D I know most of you don’t like the hamster wheel but I actually love mine and run long distances on it pretty often. Since it was cold outside with a breeze to accompany it..I had all the windows open. The treadmill has 2 windows next to it and the breeze blew in more often than not making it feel perfect.


When I finished, I made sure I had my Vega Sport Recover Drink, I spent a LOT of time stretching and tending to my muscles, which by the way weren’t sore, hurting, or anything. Sometimes running just 6 miles will make me sore but, I guess my body decided to listen to my mind and give no excuse!


The most amazing feeling in the world is knowing that you just did something that your body apparently “can’t do.” I am a fighter, very determined. Yes I have a lot of set backs but that is no excuse to just sit on the couch and pout all day. I might not be the fastest runner out there and sometimes working for a 14 minutes pace is ridiculously hard for me but I am running the same exact miles you are! It may take me hours and a lot more steps and pain but so what? I am crossing the same finish line! With running and my condition, I am hoping that by sharing my highs and lows, you all will see that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Now don’t get me wrong, it is NOT easy, but you have to want it bad enough and stay focused on your goal. Be patient! It will happen, remember that good things take time and the best things take forever!

Never underestimate the UNDERDOG!

-cheetah g

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