What’s in the box?


So we have received our RunnerBox this month and it’s filled with lots of goodies!! And they also have a special Valentine’s Day celebration box. It’s a perfect loving gift for your favorite runner. Everything is the Special box is Valentine’s day themed filled with runner favorites!

Click here for more info on the Valentine's RunnerBox
Click here for more info on the Valentine’s RunnerBox

There is also the regular subscription box that you can received bi-monthly. That is what I get and it’s awesome. The greatest benefit from it is that you don’t have to go out looking for protein bars, energy gels, runner accessories and such. They take care of the searching for you.

I love this months box because it has some accessories I was curious about and some that I could benefit from. One being that I use a lot of bottles. I am sure as a runner you have a nice collection of sports bottles somewhere in your house. Some of the bottles, including those camel packs,tend to grow mold and get smelly, This box has a bag of Bottle Bright. With an all-natural formula, it uses bubbles to get rid of the grime and leave it clean, odorless and stain free!!!

Bottle Bright donates an equal amount of bottle bright to help clean drinking water in developing countries.
Bottle Bright donates an equal amount of bottle bright sold to help clean drinking water in developing countries.

Another cool item in the RunnerBox  are On the Go Towels!!! I know after doing a tough race, the first thing I want to do is eat and shower. Sometimes that isn’t as easy. I wouldn’t want to go out for lunch smelling like sweat. So these On the Go Towels fit perfectly into a runners pouch or pocket.


These are just a few on the many items on the box. They also have a bunch of different protein and energy bars to try out ad COFFEE!!! I am not going to list everything that comes in the box being that it’s just too much! But just know that if you order one you won’t be disappointed, especially if you use the RURUNRB discount code at check out 😉


One thing that I liked that was in there were Runnertats They are these cool motivational tattoos you can wear on race days! It helps keep you focused and they are fun! And guess what?!?!? They can do custom orders! So if you are running with a group of friends or doing the Ragnar Relay…these are a fun way to show each other support! I love them!

Hey have you heard of BROO? It’s an all natural hair care product infused with real craft beer!! Yes..you read right..BEER! I have never heard of it but very curious about it! Check it out and don’t miss it on this RunnerBox

Don’t forget that you can use my discount code at check out and start receiving these boxes of goodies bi-monthly! It’s the greatest invention and recommend everyone to try it!


-cheetah g


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