Your royal red carpet awaits..


Hear ye hear ye! The princesses have arrived! It’s here runners! runDisney princess half marathon weekend has officially begun!

IMG_20150219_124357The expo has kicked off and many have already made their way over to pick up bibs, shirts, and lots of fun race merchandise! Even though I will not be running the race, I will be stopping by the expo tomorrow to pick up a few things. One thing you should all stop by and check out, is the new limited edition KT Tape that sparkles!!! Yes, this tape has glitter on it and you will definitely sparkle!


Anna and Elsa have been making their presences known this FROZEN weekend and I think these inspired runDisney outfits for your race. I think they are so cute and look comfortable!


If you are on twitter or instagram, use the official princess half hashtags for others to see your fun photos or be featured or shared by runDisney.


I know many of you are coming from really cold snowed out, iced out places. But here in Florida when its cold…its cold! The humid air makes it feel a lot worse than what it is. Add a wind chill to it and forget it! Bbbrrr! I remember for the marathon weekend it was COLD! No matter what we did in the corrals to stay warm, nothing worked. We all huddled, got under mylar blankets, danced, sat down, stood up, nothing kept us warm. So since there is a freeze warning tonight that continues to tomorrow morning, I highly advise you 5K runners to BUNDLE UP! Make some changes to your costumes, add some pants, another shirt, turn some long socks into arm warmers whatever you have to do to keep warm! The weather will be freezing and it will have a wind chill making it feel like its low 20s!


And in true typical Florida fashion the temps rise pretty quick and pretty high. So for those running the 10K and the half marathon, you won’t have to worry too much about freezing temps. But you still should be prepared for cold weather.


If you get a chance, stop by the Hilton Bonnet Creek or the Waldorf Astoria Orlando for some great food, or stop by their spa to get those sore royal muscles some love


As you runners prepare to run an awesome, fun, magical race, I will sit back and watch you all from home! I will be watching the live feed from the Disney Park Blogs here. I wish you all a good memorable time!


And to think…while you are out there having the time of your life, you are helping 170 Children’s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!!! The presenting sponsor of the race weekend!

-cheetah g

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