Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon weekend 2017 Episode II

This was such an epic weekend! I hate that it went by so fast! I already told you how my first race and first days went, if you want to catch up, read it here. After I had successfully done the 10K at an excellent time, at least in my eyes, I was more than ready for the half marathon on Sunday. Even though I was running alone, because yes, Alpha wasn’t running it this time with me.

I was pretty excited to run because this race had a HUGE meaning behind it.

“Just when the caterpillar thought her world was overshe became a butterfly.”

For the half marathon, I was dressed up as Princess Leia with monarch butterfly wings. The meaning behind this is because my mom and I would communicate through monarch butterflies. For a brief period she wasn’t living with me, and whenever a monarch butterfly would cross her path, she’d call me and say “you are in pain today aren’t you?” We would talk minimum 10 times a day and talk about everything. Until December 26, 2016 where I would no longer talk to her. I held her hand one last time as she gained her wings.  Then hours later Carrier Fisher passed away as well.

So my costume for the half marathon is in honor of my mom, who was my best friend and the strongest person I knew. She was my BIGGEST cheerleader and always picked me up when I fell. I made a promise to her before she passed away and I intended to keep it. Her last words to me were “I’ve never known someone so strong and with such determination to succeed at their dreams than you.”

As I ran the half marathon, I thought a lot about my mom, and about Carrie Fisher because she was a powerful voice for mental health issues. Both very strong women so on those moments when my pain was setting, they helped me push through.

At dark o’ thirty it was ready, set GO!!!! And we were off!

20170423_053008The course was awesome and lots to see and admire. I LOVE how they play clips of the move and the most iconic parts along the course. Couldn’t help but get choked up when I saw Han Solo and Leia Organa fighting. Even though the weather was set to be a warm one, it wasn’t that bad, at least in my eyes. But maybe being that I live here I’m just used to it.

The character stops were amazing as the day before. I love how they remain in full mode and the empire treated me completely different from previous because now I was part of the rebellion. So that made the experience even better. There were lines for characters but they moved quick and I did have to stop and sit in a special throne…


I kept it going and was SO SO glad that I had Vega Clean Energy in my collapsible bottle! I think that helped tremendously!! It kept me going and only took breaks to stretch out my ribs even though I had them KT Taped up. I was entering Hollywood Studios and doing OK and it was awesome! I LOVE running through theme parks! It is so much fun, the cast members come out to cheer you on and more characters were out there too!


My ribs were about to explode here, and my arm was numb.

Made my way to the Boardwalk into Epcot and was doing OK. My calf was starting to cramp up a bit because I forgot to tape it up. Yuck. But I did stop at a medical tent to rub some Biofreeze which helped. I kept having an issue with my right arm and it numbing up on me. That is why I wear KT Tape on it because it helps ease the muscles off the nerves. I would constantly try to shake it out and move it around but it would come and go. It’s pretty painful, but nothing I can do about it. It’s part of the chronic diseases I have to deal with.  I continued right on through and stopped right before mile 13 for an honorary picture to my mom:


Then I flew right by onto the finish line where Alpha, the little, and my friends where all waiting for me. It was such as incredible event and experience. runDisney always does it big and makes it memorable. Being the big Star Wars fan that I am, this race is one I will always do…



May the force be with you….always.



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