Never stop dreaming

I am a dreamer, but also a doer. What is the point of dreaming if you aren’t going to do something about it right? I know that we all have different dreams, and some are bigger than others and some scary and some are waaay out of reach but that is the point. That is why they are called dreams. If they don’t make you … Continue reading Never stop dreaming

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2016

  It”s almost time! The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is just around the corner! I am so excited for this race weekend. I’d say it’s one of the biggest ones they have. It starts on January 6, 2016 to the 10th. It’s also not just the marathon, there are a few races you can do: There are various ages for the kids race, from a diaper … Continue reading Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2016

Be brave, be courageous, BE YOUtiful.

I just want to take a second and applaud woman around the world. Keep doing what you are doing no matter what anyone says. Set a goal and do it for you. Don’t do it to please society. or anyone but yourself. While many of us have curves, muscles, scars, and stretch marks, we are all beautiful. Each of us are different and have things … Continue reading Be brave, be courageous, BE YOUtiful.

May your nipples bleed less than expected!

Chafing, a runner’s nightmare! EEK! Have you ever chaffed from running? In those hard to reach, or right in front places?? Luckily, I have never had any full-blown chafing just minor incidents. But let me share some tips with you so you prevent it from happening to YOU. What causes you to chafe? It is caused by repeated motion, such as, skin rubbing against loose fabric … Continue reading May your nipples bleed less than expected!

RUNderlust with ASICS

Do you ever find yourself in a state of RUNderlust? When you find yourself dreaming of running through the peaceful mountains, running on the beach as the waves crash ashore? Or maybe running through a forest trail, getting all muddy and sweaty? Whatever your desire to explore new routes, or environments, you have RUNderlust! Here is something fun for all you dreamers out there…. ASICS … Continue reading RUNderlust with ASICS

Summer running with heat and humidity

The Summer is upon us and man is it cranky! At least here in Florida, its making it’s presence known! Here in Orlando, we have hit record-breaking heat, making it nearly impossible to be outside. It also doesn’t help that we are getting storm moments with lots of lighting and lots of humidity. I promise you that walking outside from being in a cool house … Continue reading Summer running with heat and humidity

RunnerBox for the Summer!

It’s about that time where my June/July Runnerbox has arrived! It is a boxed filled with runner’s favorites. Runnerbox does all the work and finds the best and latest “must haves” for runners. They test it and approved it and send it to you! How awesome is that! I hated when I had to go to the running store and read labels endlessly in search of the … Continue reading RunnerBox for the Summer!

Powered by Vega Sport

Ask and you shall receive! I told you all I was working on something special for you all! I got many emails and comments about what Vega Sport is and how it helps and discount codes and my oh my. For those that aren’t aware, Vega Sport is a clean, plant-based, natural, three-stage nutrition System. It was made specifically to help athletes perform at their best—before, during, … Continue reading Powered by Vega Sport