Echo Half B2

This weekend I will be running the Echo Half Marathon thanks to my pal over at rillaruns. We’ve run the Disney Half Marathon together and we had a blast! I wish him well as he tries to set a pretty big PR for himself. I hope he succeeds!

This will be my first long race during hot hot months here! Even though I had that 2 weeks set back from complications with my Scoliosis, I am still going for it. I am not going to run for speed or anything like that. I am going for endurance, I won’t push myself too much. Finishing the race is my goal and I have a feeling I will do alright. It is also my first long distance race without Alpha. Sad, I am, but I need to train for the New York marathon because he also will not be running that with me. So we’ll see how this goes since he usually massages me, and quickly gets kinks out of my back that arise during the races.

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I am also excited about this race because I will be running representing a GREAT company. I will proudly be running as a B2 runner from Bashful Bliss!!! This company is so amazing and different. The owner, Tara, is one of the coolest people I know. She created this company to help others.

While she comes up with the cutest, most motivational, touching, little quotes on her stuff, they also give back! They have everything from tanks, bangles, bags, to pillows! There literally is something for everyone. Great teachers gifts, best friend matching necklaces, and runners and tri athletes favorites!


Something unique that they also do is give up to people who need it. They can create custom pieces for charities, organizations, and schools. On top of helping you raise money, they will give you 30% back! Isn’t that awesome!?!? I know many of you know a charity or someone who has a child who needs some help. This is an excellent way to, 1- create awareness, and 2- a great way to raise money to get that specialized wheelchair, medical equipment, or funding for special school programs. With Bashful Bliss you can have stuff specially done for your cause!!!! You can have a party, or a special event where Bashful Bliss can come to YOU! Yes, they have a super awesome food truck that they creatively turned into a store on the go!


One of little girls they helped out.
One of the families they’ve helped out.


They are a selfless company and their goal is to help you as much as they can. So if you are ever in need of raises some money, contact Bashful Bliss(or myself)

So, with all that said, I am honored to run as a Bashful Bliss ambassador this weekend! They will also be at the race where you can check out their cute tanks for yourself. Lots of fun, encouraging things for runners. I own many of them as they are the most comfortable to run in! Light, colorful, and soft!!!


I know many of you have gotten into races through charities and need to hit that donation goal. B2 will get you closer if not surpass your goal!!! Take a moment and look through website here. If you fall in love with something, which I am sure you will, use this special discount code at check out: gelcys2015. You’ll be happy you did!



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