Never stop dreaming


I am a dreamer, but also a doer. What is the point of dreaming if you aren’t going to do something about it right? I know that we all have different dreams, and some are bigger than others and some scary and some are waaay out of reach but that is the point. That is why they are called dreams. If they don’t make you work, sweat, face your fears, and go to places you’ve never been, then why make them YOUR dreams?

I have reached a few dreams already, those of which I wouldn’t think would come true as quick. One being running a half marathon, then a full marathon, then running what I call my dream race the TCS NYC Marathon. With my debilitating health, this is almost unheard of but I am full of dreaming. That is my thing.

This Christmas will mark the second Anniversary of my mom’s passing. On her last days she wasn’t able to talk much but her last words were very profound. Being the only girl, with three older brothers, I was very close to my mom. She was my best friend. She did tell me that out of all her kids, I am the strongest person she has ever met. And this incredibly impactful woman has traveled ALL over the globe and met so many people so I felt honored and humbled. She also told me to never never ever stop dreaming. To always keep chasing my dreams and never stop until I make them come true. And she was proud of me for always fighting for never giving up and fighting so hard for what I want and for my accomplishments. And that’s the last time I heard her voice.

**Boy that moment was hard to go back to**

I call myself a dreamer and since most of my dreams have come true at Disney, only made sense to get a tattoo with a Disney twist to it right? šŸ˜‰


Yes, I am aware this is not new but there is more to it. There is this INCREDIBLE company calledĀ Endure JewelryĀ that makes such beautiful pieces. From fun running tanks to necklaces, earrings, bangles, and charm bracelets.

Follow them onĀ Instagram

Those are just SOME of the amazing pieces she makes. The unbelievably creative lady behind Endure is Sunny. And while she is busy working on new pieces, and getting the site back up, follow her on instagram to order or get details on anything you are interested in.


Besides the already done pieces, she can also do custom pieces and guess what she was able to do for me (insert tears of joy here) my tattoo!!!!! And while I told her how happy and delighted I am with my new necklace, she will NEVER know how meaningful it is to me because of the significance to my mom. She knows the story but she doesn’t know how much love there is because I can’t put it into words. It’s just perfection and I can’t be more appreciative of her, the size of Sunny’s heart, and her work.


I am so in love with this piece. Endure can do custom pieces and if you send them a clear picture of you running they can make you a runner girl necklace that looks just like YOU! Either way, I suggest you check them out. Beautiful amazing pieces for the Boston marathon unicorns, runDisney race distances, California races, half and full distances. Birthstone pieces. Just go. You’ll love it. =)


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