Find JOY

Most of the time, we never ask for the things that happen in our lives. Especially the negative things. I didn’t ask for all my health illnesses but I am dealing with them as best as I can. We can’t help what happens to us, but we can choose how we handle it. Yesterday I had another seizure. I had my medical alert dog let … Continue reading Find JOY

Cramps explained

Many of us have had cramps before. Not to be confused with side stitches. Even though side stitches pose similar symptoms they are not cramps. Side stitches are usually caused by improper breathing, or overstretching your diaphragm. Those can easily be taken care of my putting pressure on the side stitch while regulating your breathing. As far as what causes muscle cramps, it is debatable. … Continue reading Cramps explained

Believe it is and you will succeed

How did I set 3 PRs in one month?!?!? I’ll tell you. It’s no secret. I have always been a competitive runner….I compete against myself. I RARELY run a race for time, or train to be faster. Knowing that running alone is a major task in itself, I’m not trying to go completely off my rocker and hurt myself. I know that running any distance … Continue reading Believe it is and you will succeed