Impossible is nothing.

nothing is impossible 3What does the word “impossible” mean to you? For me it means a challenge that I gladly accept. Almost my whole life, many have told me that what I do is impossible. There is no way that someone with the severity of my Scoliosis can not be a runner, much less a marathoner.


Having Scoliosis from a very early age did change how I saw my future. Doctors all told me and continue to tell me that I am headed for a tough life of pain and struggle, and I wouldn’t be able to do much. The struggling part…yeah, sure. I struggle daily, but the part where I won’t be able to do much with my life, I refuse to believe.


When I decided to become a runner, I always had BIG dreams. The NYC marathon being THE race for me. (Yes I nervously wait for that email tomorrow). I knew that I could run, but how far? I started only running 200 meters before I felt like my life was going to end. I fought and fought, had MANY MANY bad runs and still do, but I never give up. I keep trying and chasing my dreams.

I knew that my life would take a major turn the moment I registered for the Goofy Challenge. I knew this race would change my life. The training, the strengthening, and the challenge it brought will forever stay with me. It was a 39.3 miles challenge. Again, I could only run 200 meters before having to stop. Who would have ever thought I would train to run 39.3 miles?!?!?

click here to read about the race (part 2)
click here to read about Goofy’s race and a half challenge race (part 2)

Well, thanks to my husband, my PT, and a LARGE group of supporters I did it! I had successfully done the 39.3 miles goofy challenge! This happened in January and I still have moments where I can’t believe I did it. It’s a tough back to back, half marathon and full marathon. My husband played a very important as he kept massaging me when my Scoliosis pain flared up, and the amazing surprise I received half way through the marathon was unforgettable! (click on the photo to read about it)

By completing this race, I have learned a lot about myself and the true strength within me. Even though many feel it’s impossible for me to be a marathoner with my Scoliosis…I AM! I fight through a lot and deal with a lot but that is not excuse or a reason to keep me from reaching my dreams. With each step I take, it’s a gift. I never take running for granted and embrace everything that comes with it, the good and the bad.

My crooked Scoliosis surgery scar, lots of muscle damage, my hump, and my chronic swelling, not forgetting my smile =)

Thankfully with the help of my AMAZING PT over at Action Potential Physical Therapy and KT Tape, I am able to make all this possible. My PT guides me and helps me through pains that I never though I would overcome. KT Tape has kept me…..well together lol I literally am held together with the tape. It reduces my swelling, prevents my chronic pains from getting out of control, and it speeds up recovery times between training.


Since running the goofy challenge, I wanted to commemorate the race somehow. An every day reminder of my strength, my determination and will to reach my goals. On days where I am too weak to walk, or too pained to move, I wanted to be able to see my accomplishments so I did…..

my goofy challenge tattoo to commemorate the biggest challenged I faced.
my goofy challenge tattoo to commemorate the biggest challenged I faced.

I got a very meaningful tattoo that I can just look down and see each time I am dealing with a struggle. I will remember the cold, sweat, pain, tears, and a special bunch cheering for me. Out of all the races I’ve done, this one has a memory at each and every 1 of the 39 miles that I will forever cherish and NEVER forget.

a half marathon, a full marathon, 3 medals = ONE amazing memoery
a half marathon, a full marathon, 3 medals = ONE amazing memoery


I am a Goofy’s race and a half Challenge runner

-cheetah g


3 thoughts on “Impossible is nothing.

  1. I am confident that you will choose to face even bigger obstacles and will crush them as well. It was a great experience running with you for 13 of those 39!

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