Life keeps us all pretty busy. And most of us are always doing stuff for others and making sure our loved ones are taken care of. Within the day to day chaos, sometimes people forget to take care of themselves! It is important to keep yourself happy and healthy so that you can always give your best in anything you do.

Being strong isn’t easy, and I can tell you that it’s easier said than done. I am strong as often as i can be, but like every other human being, I do have my weak days. But they don’t last very long. I make sure to NEVER lose sight of my goals, dreams, and plans. I work hard and do my best to succeed.

Since so many of you, including myself, are in the middle on intense marathon training, I’d figure some might need a little bit more of support. So I did this with all of YOU in mind. I just don’t want you all to forget of the true STRENGTH within you. Being mentally STRONG is an incredible talent to have. Most runners have to be mentally STRONG to endure the hardships and struggles that come with training. Just remember that you are STRONG enough to succeed and complete the training. You will get to your race and enjoy your victory lap.

Keep working hard, and give it all you’ve got. Especially on those days where your run didn’t go so well. Those days that some might throw away, or not count, are the most important ones. Because I guarantee that the next time you head for a run, you will do anything to not have another bad run. Those are the days where your STRENGTH grows.

Here are some words of encouragement for those that need it. Or if you need a mantra to get you through the next few weeks of training. Keep your head up and NEVER GIVE UP. It’s tough, yes, but YOU are tougher. Never doubt that you have the STRENGTH to finish, because you do. Never lose faith in yourself and know that you will succeed. Keep a positive mind and you will have positive results.

You have the STRENGTH within you to fight.










-the Scoliosis runner

5 thoughts on “STRENGTH.

  1. I really needed that after a less than encouraging 17 mile run yesterday. Great words of wisdom and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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