Be strong. Be brave.

I haven’t been on here since…last year 😉 I am having a rough start to 2016. I was actually in the hospital on January 1st, due to some odd pain I was having. I started having some weird tingling and numbness down my left arm all the way into my hand. After many tests and a few x-rays, they suspect that I am having some … Continue reading Be strong. Be brave.

5 to the finish line

If you aren’t following me across social media, you might have missed some HUGE news last night…I was invited to be a part of teamASICS for the New York City marathon! I think it is a pretty neat honor to be chosen as one of the 5 members of the team ASICS blogger series. I have always been an ASICS runner, which you know all … Continue reading 5 to the finish line

Be brave, be courageous, BE YOUtiful.

I just want to take a second and applaud woman around the world. Keep doing what you are doing no matter what anyone says. Set a goal and do it for you. Don’t do it to please society. or anyone but yourself. While many of us have curves, muscles, scars, and stretch marks, we are all beautiful. Each of us are different and have things … Continue reading Be brave, be courageous, BE YOUtiful.