5 to the finish line

If you aren’t following me across social media, you might have missed some HUGE news last night…I was invited to be a part of teamASICS for the New York City marathon! I think it is a pretty neat honor to be chosen as one of the 5 members of the team ASICS blogger series. I have always been an ASICS runner, which you know all know since you dubbed me with that name! Now getting to run with them is a tremendous goal reached!


I had gotten into the New York marathon this year through the lotto. It was a shocking, exciting, day to say the least. I got my plan and training into motion. It has been the toughest training I’ve done. This will mark my third marathon. But I swear it feels like I’m training for something more…my spine is putting up a good fight. My days are getting tougher and my training is getting longer. I respect the 26.2 distance. I do not take that distance lightly or for granted. I am doing my best with my training, but some days my back is just not letting me. These days are happening more often but I also feel like I am getting stronger…mentally. More and more my desire to reach my dream race grows. I will make it, and I will overcome.

Being a part or team ASICS is a phenomenal opportunity that I’ve been hoping for. I told my husband the same day I got picked in the lotto that if I could run the streets of New York and be on team ASICS, it would be my top 2 goals combined. Well, it officially came true and I get to do that all! No words to really describe how appreciative and honored I feel.


What this also means is that you get to follow, my teammates and me as we train for the New York City marathon. You will see videos that we, ourselves have recorded about the ups and downs of training, our favorite must haves, plane ride, expo, and race day fun. It will be an up-close window to what its like to train and run New York. Isn’t that awesome?!? You can follow ASICS YouTube channeltwitter, and their Facebook for our videos and updates. You know of course I will do my best to keep you all in the loop as well.

Here is the first video they creatively did:

Being a part of the “5 to the finish line” is an unbelievable feeling. It is just proof that if you work hard, always do your best, and never give up hope..your dreams CAN come true. Please stay tuned as the 5 to the finish line start the teamASICS journey to New York! The group consists of 4(besides myself) amazing people whom I follow and admire. While I haven’t met them all, I do interact with a few of them. I’m happy to be sharing this with those whom I admire for their bravery. Make sure you give them a follow too as they will share their own perspective on the race.

good things

To anyone who believes that being a dream chaser is a waste of time, it isn’t! I’ve been dreaming of this for years. On those days that running is a little tough and need some distraction, my mind wonders off into Wonderland. A place where anything a possible, and no dream is too big. A place where I imagine myself running through the cool streets of New York, imagining the spectators and thousands of runners with me. Where the roar of the crowd is so loud you can’t hear yourself think. It’s a place where dreams come true. Get yourself to that place, you will have no choice but to believe in yourself so strongly that others will too. Be kind and be patient, it will happen.

Stay tuned as my dream race nears and the days to start time gets shorter.


-the Scoliosis runner

13 thoughts on “5 to the finish line

  1. Congrats!! So excited to be in this team with you and all the other bloggers! We are going to have an awesome race and an awesome time in NYC!

  2. Congrats!! I am so excited to be on this team with you and all the other amazing bloggers! We are going time I this race and have an awesome time in NYC!

  3. If you don’t let the universe know what you want, how will anyone know to give it to you? If you don’t chase your dreams, how will you ever catch them? Congratulations, and have an EXCELLENT time on Team Asics!

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