Find JOY

Most of the time, we never ask for the things that happen in our lives. Especially the negative things. I didn’t ask for all my health illnesses but I am dealing with them as best as I can. We can’t help what happens to us, but we can choose how we handle it.

Yesterday I had another seizure. I had my medical alert dog let me know minutes before it happened. While Lyssa isn’t fully trained yet(it’s a work in progress) she has a few things down pat and seizure alerts is one of them. The seizures do scare the crap out of me because I never know when they are going to happen or how severe.

Since I was a small little girl, I have been troubled with my health, started off with Scoliosis and still fighting with Scoliosis. My journey hasn’t been easy and it’s just going to get tougher. But I have a few options….either let it get me down, or I can beat it down.


I choose to find the brighter, more positive side in all of this. I fight for things in ways no one sees in ways no one will understand. And I do have my moments of weakness, but that is OK because last time I checked, I am human…I think 😉 I am thankful I have a WONDERFUL husband and son who keep me laughing and always make sure I see the funny and joyful side of things.

I like laughing, it’s my favorite thing to do. It’s better to laugh than to cry in situations where you are battling a lot of health problems. One thing that makes me happy is Lyssa! She saves my life EVERYDAY!!!!!!! She detects my migraine blackouts, my headaches, seizures and my fibromyalgia flare ups.

Get this motivate wrap from Momentum.

Finding joy in the JOURNEY is easier than it sounds. Always remain positive and believe in yourself. You are stronger than any obstacle that’s before you. Find the laughter and the joy in your journey, it will make it a little easier to endure and to overcome. I speak from experience. There is always something to be happy about, find it.



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