Oh what fun it is to run

So here we are…less than a month away from the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. Time has flown by! But I can’t help that my anxiety is through the roof! Running has been more than just a challenge lately. Just being able to survive each day has been the goal.

But I have been able to get my runs in and able to hit those higher miles. But they have come at a cost and it gets me so frustrated! My rotated ribs ended up hurting so bad on one run, then my right leg went numb due to damaged nerves on another. It has been a mess of training. But I am known to be a feisty fighter and not a quitter.

Two different runs, two different outcomes.

While we are just weeks away from the race, runDisney has released a completely different course map, and I must say….I am pretty pumped for it! The first thing I noticed is that the ESPN Wide World of Sports section was missing, I was actually thrilled about it. It is the part I disliked the most LOL It was mentally and physically draining. And seeing my post on social media and all the comments….I noticed I wasn’t alone. Running the marathon, I always let WWOS get to me I don’t know why. It was my nemesis. I could be having an amazing race, but I knew that part was coming and it would totally bring me down. It was a mental battle for that place. I would  drag at that point and let it win. Sometimes I fought back and won, but others it beat me. Like this 2019 marathon was a hideous show of performance. From the first mile to the finish line. Horrible. But that will not happen again. I refuse.

My crew waiting for me at ESPN WWOS this past January at the WDW 2019 marathon. Not in January they won’t! WOOHOO!

So we would run through all of the theme parks, but leaving Animal Kingdom, it was a VERY long straight away towards WWOS and it was just mentally draining. But now we get to make a small loop inside of Blizzard Beach, mile 21 to be exact so that should be cool. A nice change is usually good, right? We barely do anything inside of my favorite park, Hollywood Studios, but the rest seems normal.

The beginning has changed a lot too. We will run through streets and then through a bit of Epcot first then back onto streets before heading to Magic Kingdom and hitting the half way point after exiting TTC and hitting the parking lot. They have changed the course many times in the past. So each changed is an excitement. So I can’t wait to try out the new one!

Photo from runDisney

So now we get to run through 4 theme parks and a water park. Here is to a few more training runs and looking forward to better miles. I’ll keep you all posted on my social accounts.

Thank you all for the DMs on the gratefulness of my personal journey and everything it brings. I am glad that I am able to give you hope and courage. That means a lot to me.







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