KT Recovery+ magic

I am SOOO excited to write this post today! I am bringing you some *NEW PRODUCTS* Once I opened the box and saw new products, I kid you not, I used it immediately! And I am UBER happy with the results! They did NOT disappoint!

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First I will start off by introducing the new KT PERFORMANCE+ CHAFE SAFE ANTI-CHAFING WIPES. They are anti chafing wipes for blisters, or any area of the skin where you may get irritation causing you to chafe. The wipes are perfectly sized and are individually wrapped so you can throw them in a gym bag, running pouch, pocket, whatever. Wipe down the area where you chafe before your run or activity and afterwards you can wash off with soap and water. I sometimes get blisters because of this ridiculous close proximity to the surface of the sun here in Orlando. So I wiped my feet and had great results. The fact that they are individually wrapped makes it so much easier to carry and perfect for travel. You can purchase them on the site HERE.

**NEW** KT Performance+ Chafe Safe Anti-Chafing Wipes

There is another new product which is AMAZING and I am in love because it is miracle magic for me. It is the KT RECOVERY+ TIMED-RELEASE PAIN RELIEF GEL – ROLL-ON. Holy pain relief Batman!

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This pain relief gel is super easy to use. You give it a quick shake and roll it on. It does have a menthol scent that vanishes when it dries. It gives long last pain relief. It relieves the pain of muscles and joints that are associated with body aches, sprains, strains, arthritis and bruising. It is non toxic and safe to use several times a day. It is formulated with over 97% natural active ingredients coming from natural  plant sources.

When I opened it, I immediately put it on my lower back because I have been having lots of pain there lately. I rolled it on and felt the initial cool sensation. It goes on clear and dries pretty quickly. I smelled the menthol scent that also went away pretty quick. Shortly after, I was able to move better and my pain lessened and was gone! You have no idea how excited and happy I was!!! This is a chronic pain that comes and goes every so often. I had KT TAPE on it to reduce swelling and for pain which was keeping it under control. But applying this pain relief gel was the icing on the KT TAPE cake! It definitely did exactly was it said it would. I don’t take any pain medication for my back because they make me sick to my stomach and plus, I rather go the no medication way. But this gel is marvelous! It is on the site and you can check it out HERE. The fact that it’s a roll on, makes it easier too. Great for flatter surfaces like your back, arms, ribs, hams, calves, shins. Go snag one! You won’t regret it! It’s amazing trust me!

**NEW**  KT Recovery+ Timed-Released Pain Relief Gel

I am super excited for these two products KT Tape just released. They are going to help you with whatever sport you do. Especially runners! Those Chafe Safe wipes will do wonders for chafing and blisters. And this roll on pain relief gel is magic for muscles, bruising, aches, arthritis and joints. They are live on the site. Go check them out!



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