It won’t define me.

I’ve been struggling with some Scoliosis pain lately. But the thing that makes me different is that, I don’t let it get to me. I don’t let it define me. I don’t let it beat me. But sometimes it does knock me down. The strong do have their days. We do have our moments of weakness. I mean the last time I checked, I am human after all.

My Scoliosis is something that I’ve dealt with since I was a “tween” and something I will forever deal with. I have seen so many people in the medical field and they all had the same answer and I get it because I understand that my case in particular is “complicated” but I do have my days were I get frustrated with my pain. I have the right to, don’t I?

But what I do know is this…when any of my illnesses knock me down, I ALWAYS get back up. It’s the only option I have. My illnesses are constantly putting obstacles in my way and testing me day in and day out and how to overcome them is how I respond to them…with STRENGTH and COURAGE.

So we all have our days. We can’t all be strong all day, every day. But one thing is for sure, the strong will always get back up and know how to survive. So remember this..the strength is inside you, believe me. When the moment comes when you face your obstacles and you overcome them. It makes you stronger each time you beat them. And the most important thing you can do to remain strong is to ALWAYS believe in yourself!! That will always get you back on your feet and get you back to the light when you get lost in the dark.


Start STRONG. Stay STRONG. Be STRONG. Give yourself the credit YOU deserve.



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