Walt Disney World Marathon 2019

It’s officially fall! Which means it’s officially marathon training season. WOOHOO! What does that mean in Florida? Beautiful fall leaves, those brown, orange, yellow colors, with cool breezes and cool nights…NO. That doesn’t happen here. We get rain, HOT days and humid nights.

But runners still run through those conditions, I think we are just used to it and we battle through it all. But come Winter time, we LOVE it. At least I do. Because temps are amazing. Very rare do we get perfect running weather like we do during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Yes, Sometimes temps are in the 20s and 30s, but man does it make that weekend memorable.

You know what else makes that weekend memorable…..AMAZING medals!!! runDisney just released the medals for 2019 Walt Disney Marathon Weekend and in my opinion they did not disappoint.

Photos from Disney Park Blog

I think these medals are so cool especially the 5K with Mr. Oswald!!!! I LOVE Oswald!!! I wish I had signed up for it!!!! But No =( Although I do have a small announcement….I will be running the Walt Disney Marathon in 2019 representing KT TAPE!!! I am uber excited and I can’t wait!


KT Tape has been there for me for EVERY single race and has gotten me to EVERY single finish line. I will do my VERY best to represent them and make them proud! I am honored and happy to represent them.

giphy (1)

Now the medal for the marathon is also pretty magical. It always is. I love how they made Mickey look. There isn’t anything about this medal that I don’t like. It is beautiful!

kdjhfgjkheg873981 (1)
Photo from Disney Park Blog

All in all, this weekend is always full of memories, fun, characters, and miles. It’s worth it because you will NEVER forget it. Especially if it’s your first time. I’ve been running this marathon for years and every year it gives me new magical memories to last a lifetime.

Photo from Disney Park Blog







5 responses to “Walt Disney World Marathon 2019”

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      I’m so excited!

      1. Movin' it with Michelle Avatar

        We can’t afford to do them all next year but hopefully the following year.

  1. Steph Avatar

    I cant wait for Marathon weekend. I’m absolutely terrified because I registered for Dopey but the medals are great motivation.

    1. Runner Unleashed Avatar
      Runner Unleashed

      You’ll be fine. It’s a fun weekend and you’ll survive, I promise.

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