2017 has been ferociously mean, and yet I am grateful. I have learned lots through the months and the year is still not over. This year has not been my favorite, but that doesn’t mean that I am not grateful for it.

We all know running in general isn’t easy, not even for the most talented, fit Olympian. Now throw people who have to fight for their miles into the mix and you have a bowl of fighters soup.

Since this year has been horrible for me because of my health, I am still grateful that I can run and do the things I love. It does get in the way sometimes I won’t lie and I do get frustrated because there are days I can’t even get out of bed much less run. But then when I do, I hit the ground pounding!


So far in racing this year, it has been phenomenal! I am pretty excited about that! Lots of fun races had been done and more to come! But I can’t help but think about my health as well. I have to be smart and make sure that I am not putting myself in danger. My doctors are all aware of what I do and what I am up to and NONE of them have told me to stop. My Rheumatologist that I recently saw said a very bold statement, he said “keep doing what you are doing, you are defying the impossibilities.” He doesn’t understand how I can function with this pain every day. As do 4 of my other Doctors and on top of that run 6 times a week. He didn’t call me crazy, he didn’t tell me I was out of my mind, he said I was truly an inspiration.

I’ve gone from doctor to doctor. Countless tests, hospitals stays and visits, trying to get this procedure done on my head. Finding a solution for my body pain. So many hours crying on the floor because I can’t move due to the pain. Scoliosis pain will never end….Oh so much… and learned who my real friends were. But the true friends stayed and through them they have been helping me stick this through. Another reason I am grateful for this year is that I’ve gotten closer to my true friends this year! My declining health has brought my friends closer instead of pushing them away. To you all I THANK YOU for the extra strength when I needed some recharge. You know who you are!


As you all know when I run long miles I celebrate because running is a gift. I don’t know when I won’t be able to run because unfortunately, my body decides that. So on days I can, I take FULL advantage of that. I know it’s your mind you have to convince and train just as much as your body for running, but that parts all taken care of. My mind is strong and on a mission, to reach goals and dreams. It’s my body that needs to catch up with my mind. So just remember…It’s not something to take for granted. There are tons of people who will give anything to run, have one of your “bad runs” or even walk. So be grateful for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Because one day it can all be taken from you.

d5ec1c188bcf64e3bf4a709e0ed224ae--positive-motivation-motivation-quotesBe thankful – Be grateful – Be Happy






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