Pizza and running…..yes please!

“A lovely cheesy pizza just for me.” You remember some of the most infamous lines from one of the most memorable Christmas movies back in the day? I watched that movie a lot growing up and it’s such a fun one. You can’t think of Kevin McCallister and the Wet Bandits without laughing. All the pranks Marv and Harry had to go through just to beat out Kevin throughout that huge house.

Clearly there are lots of boobytraps and hijinx that happen but it’s also funny! Let’s throw some running into the mix, shall we?!?!

RUN WITH CHARACTER has created yet another great challenging but fun race for all of us to run! And why should we run this one? Many reasons, we LOVE swag, we can incorporate it into our training, we love Christmas, and we love Home Alone. But honestly the best part of running Run with Character’s virtual races is the large amount of stuff that comes with registering for one of their races!

I introduce to you, HOME ALONE LITTLE NERO’S PIZZA CHALLENGE 9.3 MILES!!! When I say this pizza box is full… is FULL! And yes, it comes in a pizza box which is perfect!


What comes with the Challenge:

  • 3 medals, Kevin’s AHHHHHHH 5K and the McCallister House 10K and the Little Nero’s Pizza Challenge medal


  • 2 pins: McCallister House 10k pin and the Little Nero’s Pizza Challenge pin


  • Little Nero’s Pizza Challenge Embroidered Hat.


  • Little Nero’s Pizza Challenge Themed PIZZA Box delivered to your door.


  • Downloadable Bib

All products are official and are TM & © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


The Home Alone Virtual Running Series is brought to you by Run with Character. Run with Character will donate $1 of each entry to a children’s charity.


There is definitely lots of stuff to be won here and worth it all! Especially 1- if you love Christmas and 2- if you love the movie! It’s also a great gift for your loved ones, your favorite runner, significant other, or even better…..yourself! I’m going to do it because I love the movie AND because it is going to help keep me motivated as I keep train for my marathon. If you are into the medals, just look at them…they are huge, and incredible! Follow along at their Instagram page at @runwithcharacter. They release more pictures and more information on the race. Sign up and register before it’s too late!

“Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!”


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