Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2016

  It”s almost time! The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is just around the corner! I am so excited for this race weekend. I’d say it’s one of the biggest ones they have. It starts on January 6, 2016 to the 10th. It’s also not just the marathon, there are a few races you can do: There are various ages for the kids race, from a diaper … Continue reading Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2016

Your destiny awaits…

With much anticipation and great joy, the registration for the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side arrived this afternoon. I am happy to say, that I am in it for the Dark Side Challenge!?!? Surprised? Yeah me neither. I am excited to run the 10K, and the half marathon as part of the Dark Side Challenge. Alpha will be running the half … Continue reading Your destiny awaits…

In a galaxy not too far away…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far…well not too far just a few minutes from me. The most AMAZING thing is coming to the runDisney series. Something I’ve been waiting for that has seemed like forever! They are FINALLY bringing THE STAR WARS HALF MARATHON EVENT! runDisney is calling it the Star Wars Half Marathon-The Dark Side. Even the name is awesome! This race … Continue reading In a galaxy not too far away…

Beat the treadmill blues

When you think about running, you imagine a beautiful trail, comfortably paved roads, some tall trees to add some shade….sounds perfect right? So what do you do on the days that the rain storm outside looks like a monsoon? Or its so cold outside your hands freeze going to get the mail?….You hit the treadmill!!! I do love a good run in the rain…there is … Continue reading Beat the treadmill blues

RunnerBox for the Summer!

It’s about that time where my June/July Runnerbox has arrived! It is a boxed filled with runner’s favorites. Runnerbox does all the work and finds the best and latest “must haves” for runners. They test it and approved it and send it to you! How awesome is that! I hated when I had to go to the running store and read labels endlessly in search of the … Continue reading RunnerBox for the Summer!

Mother’s Day box

In on of my previous posts, I wrote about the latest special edition box, from RunnerBox. Well I finally received mine and its GREAT for that special mother runner in your life! It has lots of great stuff that moms will appreciate. This one has a few things I haven’t tried and looking forward to. Especially the Sore muscle hydrotherapy and aromatherapy treatment! Being a mom … Continue reading Mother’s Day box

Box full of runners love

I have received the latest edition of RunnerBox and it is FANTASTIC! For those who aren’t too familiar with RunnerBox, let me explain it a little… RunnerBox is a subscription box for runners, and anyone who is active really. It is a mini box filled with tons of running products that gets delivered to your front door. There is no need for you to go out … Continue reading Box full of runners love

The Scoliosis Runner

Doing races is so exciting! I love everything that comes with it. From the butterflies in my stomach, to getting tired in the race, to crossing the finish line. So many things come along with deciding to race! I almost always post on instagram and twitter each time I run. Many of my personal friends on FB get tired or annoyed that I post it every single time. But … Continue reading The Scoliosis Runner