Track Shack’s Winter park Road race!

I am excited on how busy my race schedule for 2015 is shaping up to be! Since being accepted into the TCS New York City Marathon, I’ve had to switch gears a bit. I will have to do most of my training in the Summer heat which I am not looking forward to, but I’ll take it. Luckily I have a treadmill where I can train, and yes, I don’t mind running long distances on it. I am not a good runner in hot temps but I try to adjust accordingly.

This weekend I have the Track Shack’s Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race. This was my first 10K 3 years ago and it was a lot of fun. It was back in the days when running 3 miles was tough let alone 6.2 miles. I still managed to finish upright with a lot of pain. I have grown and learned a lot since then.


This time around I have run many, many, miles and now I am running this race for a P.R! I am so excited to run it and hoping to hit the time I want. I am hoping that I can do it under 1:09. My usual time is 1:11 and that is struggling a bit so doing this time will be a bit of a challenge. But I am known for enjoying a good challenge.


This race is a lot of fun and goes through some of Winter Park’s most beautiful areas. It goes through popular landmarks and the historic brick streets. It’s one of my favorite courses to run.


There is some nice swag that comes with this race too! I love the peacock logo for the race as it brings creative cool medals! I am hoping for no rain and cool temps, although the local meteorologists will probably disagree. LOL

I have also been known to perform at my best in the worse most horrible conditions, i.e. the Wine and Dine monsoon of 2014 where I set a massive P.R. I went for a quick 4 mile run yesterday to prep me for Saturday that was odd. My pace was super fast(for me) and was ll over the place. 9:02, 9:06, 10:21, 8:44 were my splits. Really? What am I supposed to do with that? I was inconsistent and not focused. I am heading out today to try again and keep a nice steady faster pace. My usual pace is 10-11, not fast at all so yes after those splits I was struggling to breath for sure!

It’s REAL hot today with heat index in the 90s and supposed to rain in the evening when I go run but I am determined to get my speed under control and run a nice P.R. of a race on Saturday!


stay tuned….

-cheetah g


2 responses to “Track Shack’s Winter park Road race!”

  1. Lynn Avatar

    The race sounds amazing! You also sound like you will do great on achieving your PR goal. I found using the Pacebands help a lot in staying on pace, I just bought several 1/2 marathon bands and just use the band with the correct pace for my current event. After your run remember to celebrate Pi Day (3.1415) with a yummy pie, you will have earned the splurge :D. (I will be doing a 3.14 mile run with a group of friends)

    1. runner unleashed Avatar
      runner unleashed

      that is awesome LYnn! Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I have used pacebands and will use them again for a few upcoming races!

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