Mother’s Day box

In on of my previous posts, I wrote about the latest special edition box, from RunnerBox. Well I finally received mine and its GREAT for that special mother runner in your life!

It has lots of great stuff that moms will appreciate.


This one has a few things I haven’t tried and looking forward to. Especially the Sore muscle hydrotherapy and aromatherapy treatment! Being a mom never ends, we never stop. Moms are always on the move and tend to get unhappy muscles so this should lead to a relaxing night.


There is also great tasty snacks, natural energizing products, and magnetic lights to wear while on a run at night! RunnerBox always has the most interesting, most useful must-haves for runners. I would have never found these great items on my own.

Like this one, from Raw Spice Bar. It is a unique blend of natural spices and black tea to use for cooking! As a BIG tea drinker, I have yet to add any tea blend in my meals, but I am definitely going to give this one a try. It even includes a step by step guide to successfully baking Chai spiced banana cake.


If your mother runner likes to enjoy some time on the beach, there is also some “must haves” for her too! Sunscreen bands are bands she could wear out in the sun. Since moms are always caring for others, this band will remind her to care for herself and reapply sunscreen when it’s needed. There also sunscreen, and some on the go cleansing towels mom could use once she is done with a day in the sand!


If I received this gift from someone for mother’s day, it would certainly make me smile. Its a perfect gift tailored to mother runners. It is also a good gift for young ones to gift, being that running is NOT a cheap sport, mom might have all her essentials but these little details are just as important. So make sure you head over to RunnerBox to order yours today. Use discount code: RURUNRB at check out to get a special discount. Show mom how much you care for her health, happiness, and running. She will be grateful you did! Believe me!

Happy Mother's Day from RunnerBox
Happy Mother’s Day from RunnerBox


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